After graduation

The CME master’s program maintains very close links with the building industry as well as national and regional governments. Thesis projects are typically established in cooperation with companies, and students may work at the company during their project to gain valuable insight and experience. 

When you have completed the CME master’s program, you will be familiar with the methodical analysis and process design of project and process management. This provides an excellent foundation to find employment in the field or continue your studies as a researcher.


Almost all CME students find work within three months of graduating. Graduates from the CME master’s program typically find work as managers in building companies, government agencies or project developers. The program equips you with a combination of knowledge in management and engineering disciplines, the ability to take responsibility and industry contacts that is highly valued by potential employers.

Further studies

Alternatively, the CME master’s offers an ideal basis from which to deepen your study. If you are considering a career in industry, the 4TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute provides excellent preparation though it is two-year PDEng Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) program for technical designers.  

If your interest lies more in research, your course mentor and relevant professors can help you find opportunities for studying towards a PhD.