After graduation

As a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, you will have developed a scientific perspective combined with a practical approach, that forms an excellent foundation for a successful career. There are numerous fields in which computer science is applied, which means that you could find yourself in any number of roles. You will find computer scientists in research laboratories, banks, (government) organizations, hospitals, multinationals and internet companies, to name a few. 

Most graduates start their careers with a job in a design team, but quickly develop into team leaders and managers. It is also possible to start your own business. Our alumni are employed as software design engineers and system architects, for example, and some are technical advisors at ASML, TASS Software Professionals and Philips. You can also find them working as consultants in companies such as Capgemini, Oracle, Cordys, Accenture and KPMG, or as researchers in universities both in the Netherlands and in other countries. 

Finding a job is not a problem for our alumni. As the program is taught in English, our alumni can also easily find jobs at companies or universities abroad. Discover data science & AI jobs in The Netherlands and abroad.