Innovation Challenge

Predict how people in 2040 will use a technology!

After successful earlier editions of the Innovation Challenge event for high-schoolers in 5 or 6 vwo, the Psychology & Technology, Sustainable Innovation and Industrial Engineering programs are announcing the 2019-2020 edition of the event. Hundreds of Dutch high-school students have already used the Innovation Challenge to give their ‘profielwerkstuk’ – profile research project – a special twist.

The assignment

We continue to be inspired by last year’s theme. For that reason, we will elaborate on it this year, by challenging students in the last two years of high school with the following assignment: Predict how people in 2040 will use a technology!

High-school students can join individually or in groups of up to four. They will be supervised by enthusiastic students of the Psychology & Technology, Sustainable Innovation or Industrial Engineering programs, who, in turn, will be coached by TU/e lecturers. The final result is a report and a poster, to be presented by the participants on I-day (Innovation Day) at TU/e in March 2020. An expert jury will judge the participants’ work.

The winner will receive a travel check worth €500.

The assignment

First, the participants choose a topic for the challenge. It needs to be a technology that might be a part of daily life in the year 2030. The choice of technology is free, as long as you come up with a new application. Consider, for instance:

  • Healthcare robots
  • Lighting that makes you smarter
  • New building technologies, such as water living
  • Mobile and online communication
  • Smart energy grids
  • Medical technology in the home
  • Home automation
  • Environmentally friendly energy
  • Reducing waiting lists in healthcare
  • Optimizing transport from A to B

Or another topic, of course.


TU/e will organize an initial meeting and a training session about presenting skills. The initial meeting will take place in October 2019. In January 2020, you will be invited to a training session about presenting and poster-making skills, as preparation for I-Day. Dates for 2019-2020 will follow soon.

During the Innovation Challenge, you will be supervised by a student of the Psychology & Technology, Sustainable Innovation or Industrial Engineering programs. These supervisors have done similar projects during their degree programs and will be able to support you with their wealth of experience. Your supervisor will initially help you create a planning. Then you will do the assignment together. Of course, your supervisor is always available for questions about the assignment or your research project! In addition, depending on your chosen topic, some of TU/e’s lecturers and professors will be available to support you with their knowledge.

Profile research project

The Innovation Challenge can be used as your profile research project! If you would like to use the Innovation Challenge for this purpose, please let us know during your application. We will then contact your school’s supervisor to discuss the Innovation Challenge schedule and any demands for the profile project.

Innovation Day

The Innovation Day, or I-Day, is the final day of the Innovation Challenge. On this day, all participants meet in Eindhoven to present their ideas to each other and the jury. The I-Day will take place in March 2020. Participants will initially be judged by the jury and audience members at the poster market. After they have seen all the ideas, the jury will confer and select the groups who will take part in the grand finale. Finally, two winners will be chosen: for the Jury Award and the Audience Award. The Jury Award winners get to take home a €500 travel check. Of course, the winners of the Audience Award won’t go home empty-handed either!


Please register yourself for the Innovation Challenge. Deadline: 30 September 2019. Pleae note: the Innovation Challenge is in Dutch!