Program 2018

Master Kick-off, 27-30 August 2018

The Master Kick-off program is challenging and educational and will help you optimally prepare for the start of your master’s degree program. Click here to see the full program. 

Program day by day

On Monday the 27th of August all new students can register themselves at the TU/e, inform themselves at the information market and join the activities organized by Cosmos, the international study association.

Tuesday 28th of August the Master Kick-Off will start. This day is focused on exploring your department. Your faculty will organize a challenging and educational day to make sure you have the best kick-start for your Master’s program. After the faculty program, you can join masterclasses which will focus on creative thinking, connecting culture, first impressions and other themes which will prepare you for your Master's degree. This day will end at your study association, who will organize dinner, drinks and the evening program.

Wednesday the 29th of August we will leave in the morning to visit the High Tech Campus. You will meet professionals and get to know industry leading companies, such as ASML and Philips. This day will have a plenary part where you get the opportunity to get in touch with professionals who also have studied at the TU/e. The second part of the day will focus on the companies at the High Tech Campus, where companies will organize masterclasses and you get the chance to have a look behind the scenes at these companies. The day will end at the TU/e where a BBQ and a Silent Disco will be organized. In Luna you get the opportunity to meet Scala, the cultural student associations of Eindhoven. Scala will organize open workshops for you to participate in.

Thursday the 30th of August will focus on the Challenge. During this day you work in groups, composed of students from different backgrounds. The challenge will focus on the three Strategic Areas of the TU/e namely, Health, Energy and Smart Mobility. There is a lot to discover within these themes. So, do you have the winning idea to solve global challenges regarding Health, Energy and Smart Mobility to impact society? Subscribe for the Master Kick-Off! The Master Kick-Off will end with a Food Truck festival and the Master party for you and your fellow members of the university!