In addition to the core courses that every student of Applied Mathematics takes, you have electives worth 45 credits (9 courses) within your program. You can choose these courses or clusters of courses as you see fit, depending on your interests and your objective. You can, for example, choose to study a particular subject in greater depth, but you could also expand your knowledge. You determine yourself what suits you best, in consultation with one of our study coaches. You follow the elective courses or clusters with us at TU/e or at Utrecht University.

Examples of electives clusters for students of Applied Mathematics

Finance and Risk, with the following courses:
- Financial stochastics and risk of ruin models
- Introduction to pricing derivatives
- Optimum portfolio management
- Homologation course: methods and simulation for financial mathematics

ISiS - Information Security in Society, with the following courses:
- Information Security Basics and Applied Cryptography
- Digital Security Engineering
- Information Security Roadmap Engineering

Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments, with the following courses:
- Statistical Data Analysis
- Statistical Model Building
- DBL Experimentation

Computational Science, with the following courses:
- Introduction to Scientific Computing
- Theory and practice of differential equations
- DBL project

Differential equations, with the following courses:
- Theory and practice of common differential equations
- Partial differential equations

Fundaments of Mathematical Physics, with the following courses:
- Functional analysis
- Measure theory and probability theory
- Tensor calculus

Security, with the following courses:
- Security
- Cryptology
- Computer science for security
- Mathematics for security

Algorithms, with the following courses:
- Core course in Discrete Mathematics
- Computational geometry
- Algorithms on graphs

Advanced Stochastics, with the following courses:
- Measure theory and probability theory
- Bayesian statistics
- Theory of large deviations

Elective course cluster at Utrecht University
- Tangible geometry
- Elementary number theory
- Topology and geometry

Other elective courses - The effectiveness of mathematics - Discrete dynamic systems - Geometry and the built environment - Modeling in the second year of the Bachelor's degree program in Applied Mathematics