Examples of Mechanical Engineering

Solar panels

Solar panels are an increasingly common sight on the roofs of homes and offices. And although they’re already widely used, research is still being done into improving their efficiency. That doesn’t mean that the solar panel with the highest efficiency is always the best choice. Designers also have to consider the costs, for example of the production process and the materials.

Medical robots

Operations performed by robots instead of human surgeons are no longer just a dream. For example, a lot of work is already being done on robots to carry out eye operations. The researchers have to take a number of requirements into account. The robot must be able to position the surgical instrument extremely accurately to allow operations to be performed successfully. The dimensions of the robot must be well matched to the size of the human eye, and the robot must be able to change surgical instruments automatically during the operation.

Flexible displays

The flexible display is a new-generation screen on which a lot of development work is currently being done. These screens can be rolled-up inside a pen, for example. However some problems arise when they are rolled-up. The display is made of layers and electrical conductors that can become detached if they are subjected to forces. That can cause black stripes on the display, making it illegible. The challenge to the mechanical engineer is to solve this problem!