Entry into a master's program

After learning the basic principles in your bachelor's program you can deepen your knowledge and broaden your skills by choosing a master's program. Most of the our students choose to continue studying at the Eindhoven University of Technology. They choose one of the Master's programs of the graduate program of Life Sciences and Engineering to which you are directly admitted:

Medical doctor-Researcher

The SUMMA-T Master's program is a collaboration between TU/e and Utrecht University. This medical master's program educates students to become medical doctor-researcher. With the major Medical Sciences and Technology and the right selection of electives, you can apply for this program. You can find more information (in Dutch) on the website of SUMMA.


The major Medical Sciences and Technology provides access to a variety of (inter)national Universities. However, for international experience you don't have to follow a complete master's program at a foreign university. Eighty percent of our master students follows part of the master's program in a foreign country.