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Student Modelling workshop



Student modelling workshop  is a place where students learn by doing and can acquire knowledge on the operation of various processes involved in manufacturing and production. The modelling workshop is a place where we provide students that design a product with a place where they can create a model based on their architectural design. 

You can play with shapes and ideas, e.g. to visualize the relationship between user and product. In this way, we support our Challenge-Based Learning education and prototyping activities. 

Under supervision of our technicians, students can get their hands dirty and learn to make models using poly styrene cutters, woodworking machines, drills and cutting machines for various materials, and learn to make surface areas smooth and pretty by sanding, using spray-paint or other techniques. Vacuum forming is also possible, where you can learn how to heat a sheet of plastic to a forming temperature, stretch it onto a single-surface mold, and let it be forced against the mold by a vacuum. This process can be used to form plastic into permanent objects. 

We also have many other handheld tools that can be useful. 

Available equipment: 

- Drill stand (big and small) 

- Spray paint booth (maximum size 0,9 cm x 1,20 cm) 

- Blasting cabin 

- Jigsaw 

- Cutting (Mikita and Holzstar HBS 251) 

- Orbital sanding machine 

- Hand belt sander (Holzstar) 

- Mini circular saw 

- Mini cross-cut saw  

- Polystyrene string-cutter (big, small and as handheld tool) 

- Vacuum Former (maximum size 20cm x 30 cm) 725 FL13 

- Lots of handheld tools 


Contact person: Edwin van den Einden (or Huub van der Palen).