Student experiences

Co-founder of CU/p

Anik Jacobsen

innoSpace is an awesome place for open-minded innovators and students who want to become such. I received a lot of support from the community and staff to start my own project and not be afraid of challenges. The space itself invites for creative working sessions and provides a lot of prototyping opportunities. Of course, the network to like-minded students, staff and stakeholders was wonderful and the vivid exchange always sparked new ideas.

Team Leader of Chairgonomics

Jules Hilkens

TU/e innovation Space offered me opportunities and experiences which I never imagined to have before joining the university, let alone TU/e innovation Space. It's one of the best ways to broaden your horizon at the TU/e, and get acquainted with skills that you cannot learn in a lecture hall.

Co-founder of taylor

Michiel Roelofs

What I enjoyed the most in innovation Space are all the talented people from different backgrounds that are working there. Especially in the early stage of a project. When it is not yet fully clear in what direction it will be going, it is really valuable to have a place where you can see up close examples of projects which are already in full motion.

Co-Founder of JimFit

Cas van Grunsven

JimFIT participated in TU/e innovation Space from the beginning. During the years, we have seen it grow from a small community in a small dusty building, to a great organisation within the TU/e ecosystem. TU/e innovation Space surely is one of the places which formed me as a student and helped me further in my professional career.

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Pam is working on a challenge from PSV Eindhoven! Read her first experiences below:

What was your main reason to enroll in ISP?
 My main reason to enroll in ISP was because the project was part of the Technology Entrepreneurship and Management certificate. In addition, working on a challenge for a high-tech company with an interdisciplinary team for a longer period of time really appealed to me. 

What is your assignment about and why did you choose this one?
 Team NILYS works on a challenge together with PSV which is all about understanding football, especially how the current use of data in football can be improved. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the technical possibilities and coaches by developing crash courses so coaches can get educated on how data can benefit them, and how they can get insights of it. 

How do you experience ISP until now? Is it different than other courses?
 I really enjoy being part of ISP. This course is completely different than all the previous courses I followed during my bachelor of Medical Engineering since there are no boundaries in what the students want to develop. It is all about new business development and the engineering of a product. Furthermore, this course doesn’t involve any lectures but completely consists of studio style group work.

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innovationSpace has brought us a great platform to start our entrepreneurial journey on! While we may have been atypical in our upstart (earning revenue from the get-go as opposed to starting at ideation like most student projects), we nevertheless greatly enjoyed the company of so many people with a similar attitude! The all-important network, socials, subsidy opportunities, coaching, and workshops really help to keep your game on point and discover opportunities you would never get when working your way up from your attic. For free! Rethinking and tuning your business plan will become a habit rather than a chore. This puts great purpose to your actions as you maintain an overview. Set your gaze on the horizon and set sail as an entrepreneur from the safe haven that is innovationSpace!

- Tiemen Schuijbroek, Co-Founder of Ratio

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‘’The innovation Space plays a key role in my teaching as it offers me the space and inspiration to innovate my education and make it impactful. In the BSC course Responsible Innovation students work on real-world projects, supervised by societal stakeholders. Students work on these challenges in the innovation Space, exchange ideas with other teams and can transform their ideas into prototypes and products. The innovation Space offers the ideal platform and tools for realizing this. Yet, the innovation Space is much more than that. It is a community of enthusiastic professionals and students who want to make an impact in the world and want to contribute to responsibly tackling the grand societal challenges of our times. I am happy and proud to be part of this.’’

- Johanna Höffken, teacher of the year 2020