Focus area of Complex Molecular Systems

Polymer Science and Technology

Connecting the entire chain of knowledge to understand structure-property relationships and design new and improved materials

Tailoring the expertise of complex molecular systems to the needs of society and industry

As an internationally recognized powerhouse of polymer science and technology, the Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories (EPL) tailor their expertise in the field of complex molecular systems to the needs of society and industry. A strong forte here is that EPL covers the entire chain of knowledge, from theoretical calculations to designing material properties.

Compared to other materials with which we shape the world, polymers are characterized by their low density, their ease of processing and shaping, their opportunities for functional integration and their almost unlimited flexibility in molecular design. Research at EPL into these characteristics provides the foundation for improving polymer systems in a multitude of application areas such as protection, isolation, transportation, communication, illumination, packaging, housing, furniture, clothing, etc.

Forthcoming from this EPL research are the basic scientific issues that need to be resolved to enable disruptive, breakthrough developments in the field of polymer science and technology. Building on the strength and capabilities of the scientific staff, EPL defined the following focus areas:

  • Polymer chemistry and self-assembly of polymer architectures;
  • Polymer processing, structure formation during flow, rheology and characterization;
  • Structure-property relations (functional, mechanical, tribological, etc.);
  • Developing tools for quantification: theory and multi-scale modeling.

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