Intitute for Complex Molecular Systems

Animation Studio

"When words are combined with illustrations, viewers immediately gain a better understanding of scientific conceptsĖ®.

Koen Pieterse, team leader of the ICMS Animation Studio.


Providing shape, color and 'visual power' to the atomic scale

Since the (atomic) scale and dynamic nature of molecular systems cannot be easily captured in illustrations, ICMS has initiated its Animation Studio. For over ten years now, the studio has offered the right tools to give shape, colour and 'visual power' to the atomic scale and dynamic nature of complex systems. This has allowed ICMS researchers to convey their ideas to fellow researchers and  to the outside world in a convenient, yet appealing way. It has also helped the ICMS research to get noticed among the vast amount of scientific work presented worldwide.



The scientific animations of the ICMS Animation Studio take the viewer to the often unobservable domain in a huge variety of scientific fields: from small molecules and protein-protein interactions to the whole and more complex cellular environment; from depiction of the nanostructure of polymeric conduit to their final application as synthetic blood vessels; and from ice-binding proteins to the development of cryoprotective biopolymers for application in biomedicine and materials science.

Our Mission

  • Create high quality and visually appealing animations/illustrations;
  • Depict scientific content accurately;
  • Actively participate in process from science to animation/illustration;
  • Stimulate discussion;
  • Create public awareness/recognition of the ICMS.

Illustrations and covers

Not everything needs to be animated. A simple illustration can also be very useful to clarify concepts, setups or processes in papers and presentations. Adding to this, high quality illustrations can help you to convince the press to carry your story.

Journal covers are a special type of illustration, allowing the researchers and our studio to create scientific eye-candy with the emphasis on visual attractiveness rather than clear content.