Institute for Complex Molecular Systems

Creating future technologies by mastering complexity

Creating future technologies by mastering complexity

Advancing the fundamental understanding of complex molecular systems in materials science, energy, mobility, health, and life is the main driver of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems. It addresses research challenges and pushes the boundaries of science by unifying basic principles of chemistry, biomedical sciences, engineering, physics and mathematics.

Since 2008, ICMS creates and maintains a interdisciplinary and fruitful research environment for researchers to:

  • Identify and stimulate research in new scientific fields;
  • Enrich infrastructure and the scientific toolbox of researchers;
  • Educate talented researchers in an interdisciplinary environment;
  • Inspire researchers through industrial research challenges; and
  • Expand and diversify the ICMS expert network.

The Institute for Complex Molecular Systems Laboratories

Developing and characterizing innovative materials from a molecular perspective.

Advanced Study Centre

The ICMS Advanced Study Center (ASC) serves as an intellectual home for original thinkers and scientists. Reaching beyond the central ICMS theme of molecular complexity, the ASC provides an environment to discuss science and engineering topics in a comprehensive manner. Its goal is to stimulate cross fertilization between disciplines and to develop a scientific vision for the years to come.

As a center for scientific seminar and discussion, the ASC provides facilities, support and expertise to the wide TU/e community for organizing interdisciplinary scientific activities such as workshops and lectures. In general, external participants are very welcome to join the ASC activities.


Animation Studio

The ICMS Animation Studio provides shape, color and 'visual power' to the atomic scale and the dynamic nature of complex molecular systems.

Ceres Building

The Ceres building is the home base of ICMS. At the heart of the TU/e university campus, the former university boiler house was renovated to provide the institute with dedicated working space. The modern, highly transparent building perfectly fits the informal and interdisciplinary ICMS atmosphere. It offers state of the art laboratories, offices, meeting rooms and a colloquium hall. The sociable common room ('huiskamer') stimulates informal discussion and sprouts future collaboration.

With its large industrial chimney as a beautiful souvenir of its former use, Ceres was one of the first completed landmarks of the Campus 2020 master plan. Next to ICMS, it houses the ICMS Advanced Study Center: an intellectual home to scientists from all over the world.