FruitPunch AI Connect - looking back

June 26, 2019

On the 15th of June FruitPunch AI organized their grant event "FruitPunch AI Connect". Over 300 AI enthusiasts came together to experience AI.

FruitPunch AI is building a community around the application of artificial intelligence, involving students, researchers and companies in Eindhoven. On the 15th of June, their grand event took place: FruitPunch AI Connect. During this event, over 300 AI enthusiasts came together to experience AI! There were interesting speakers, talking about applied AI ethics, evolutionary computing and swarm intelligence, among other subjects. Next to that, an AI market took place where companies had the chance to showcase their state-of-the-art projects; VR crash tests, simulated reality and a Pepper robot, just to name a few. The day ended with an interesting panel discussion, where statements about AI, sent in by the public, were discussed. All in all, it was a fantastic day where FruitPunch AI put Eindhoven on the map of artificial intelligence!

But they do not plan on stopping there; they are working on an extensive online AI platform and a national AI competition about the fundamental implementations of AI; both to be launched after the summer break. Make sure to follow their progress on your preferred social medium at @fruitpunchai, and visit their website at If you are interested in leading the charge of AI with them, they are recruiting! Both students and researchers are welcome, you can send them an email at