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Design and Decision Support Systems

The Design and Decision Support Systems research program focuses on planning, development and management of cities and large-scale urban artefacts such as malls, green spaces and offices.

Design and Decision Support Systems (DDSS)

Recognizing that the structures and functions constituting the city interact with each other and with the users, integrated and human-centered solutions to urban and transport planning as well as real estate management are needed. Using a system’s approach, the objective of the DDSS research program is to conduct innovative and groundbreaking research, to develop and apply models and systems that allow planners and managers often in co-creation with users to address the major challenges cities are facing to create healthy living environments for users and attain sustainability objectives.

Research meets practice: DDSS Laboratory

The Information Systems group manages an advanced computer laboratory. The ISBE Lab is located on the 9-th floor of the Vertigo building. In the lab you find high-end computer systems and various peripherals for (3D) printing, projecting, etc. A VR Powerwall is available for visualization and navigating full scale models of the built environment. Virtual servers can be set-up for running special jobs. A database is available with geo data from the Netherlands. PhD’s and Master students use these facilities for performing experiments as part of their research projects. Professional support is available to support students in their work.


Responsible data management is part of good research. Timely measures need to be taken to ensure that collection, analysis, storage and reuse of the data are organized properly and in line with the law.
This page provides templates and guidelines to help USRE-researchers to draw a good data management plan for their studies.

Meet some of our Researchers

DDSS Research Day

For the DDSS Research Day we bring senior scientists and young (PhD) researchers together in an intimate setting. During this day there is ample room for discussions during the presentations and outside the official program. Cross-fertilization between disciplines is deemed necessary to advance DDSS research. Senior researchers from the TU/e (Prof. Arentze, Prof. Rasouli and Prof. de Vries) welcome young researchers from the DDSS program to present their work and those who are still exploring their research topic and are looking for discussions on that topic.

Interview about Smart Cities by Physicsworld

In this video recording Bauke de Vries gives his opinion on Smart Cities research, and he explains the new Brainport Smart District project. The video is published by Physicsworld.


Student opportunities

Are you interested in the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses we offer? Read more about our student opportunities on our special education page:




  • 05 Sep
    26 Sep

    World Press Photo Tentoonstelling 2023

    September 5, 2023 7:00 AM / Atlas building, begane grond (ground level)

  • 06 Sep
    26 Sep

    Guided Tours: World Press Photo Exhibition 20

    September 6, 2023 12:30 PM / Atlas building, ground floor

  • 22 Sep

    Inaugural lecture prof.dr. R. Arthur Bouwman

    Prof.dr. R. Arthur Bouwman was appointed part-time professor of Perioperative monitoring and clinical decision support at the Department of…

  • 22 Sep

    Save-The - Date: MedTech Day 2023

    An integrated approach for future-proof healthcare

  • 22 Sep
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    PhD Defense Martijn Wismans: Multiaxial Failure of Short-fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

    September 22, 2023 1:30 PM / Atlas 0.710

  • 22 Sep
    Multiaxial Failure of Short-fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

    PhD defense Martijn Wismans

    September 22, 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 22 Sep
    Data-driven modeling and optimization of semiconductor manufacturing

    PhD defense Patrick Christoph Deenen

    September 22, 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 25 Sep

    LEVEL UP 2023

    September 25, 2023 9:00 AM / Evoluon Eindhoven

  • 26 Sep
    One layer at a time

    PhD defense Daniëlle Scheepers

    September 26, 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 26 Sep
    Protein-sized amphiphilic polymeric nanoparticles

    PhD defense Linlin Deng

    September 26, 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 27 Sep
    Deep Learning Techniques for Multi-Dimensional Medical Image Analysis

    PhD defense Farhad Ghazvinian Zanjani

    September 27, 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 27 Sep
    Numerical Methods for the Hyperbolic Monge-Ampère Equation with Applications to Optical Design

    PhD defense Maikel Wilhelmus Marinus Cornelus Bertens

    September 27, 2023 / TU/e Campus

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