Nonlinear control

Nonlinear control of mechanical (motion) systems, synchronisation and robotics

High-performance model-based control based on advanced dynamical modeling, nonlinear and hybrid control, numerical simulations, optimization, and physical experimentations, with special focus on systems with nonlinear and nonsmooth effects and/or time delays.

In the nonlinear control area, the emphasis is on problems related to (i) stability, stabilisation and performance of nonlinear/non-smooth control systems; (ii) synchronisation/coordination of mechanical systems; and (iii) embedded and networked control of mechanical systems. There is particular interest in applications in robotic systems (such as teleoperation). Other fields of applications pursued in collaboration with industry are the control of high-precision motion systems, temperature control for lab-on-chips, and high-tech manufacturing and resource exploration processes. Here too the theoretical developments are combined with and supported by experimental validation in the robotics and DCT lab. People active in this area: N. van de Wouw, Dr. A. Saccon & Prof.dr. H. Nijmeijer