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Sleep is an essential behavior, takingup about approximately one third of our lives. Therefore, it is not surprisingthat sleep disorders have a profound impact on quality of life.


Both subjective symptoms of sleepdisorders as well as objective indicators of sleep quality are not constant,and can vary considerably from night to night. In current clinical practice however, sleep monitoring usually consistsof only one night recording of physiological signals such as brain activity,heart rate and respiration. Moreover, current diagnostic techniques assess onlya small part of the underlying pathophysiology, still using EEG-basedpolysomnographic measurements developed in the '60s. Therefore, there is astrong need for advanced sleep monitoring techniques that can obtain bothsubjective and objective data over the long term in patient friendly (at home)settings, and assess disorders on a deeper pathophysiological level.


Within theBM/d Research Lab, we are intensively working together withthe Centerfor Sleep Medicine Kempenhaeghe to create a next generation ‘toolbox of sleep medicine’, improving the careprocess from screening, diagnosis, treatment selection towards outcomemonitoring.


Research approaches include advancedanalysis techniques to extract more information from current diagnostictechnologies such as polysomnography. Moreover, new technologies are developedand validated to fundamentally upgrade sleep monitoring and diagnostics. Theseinclude non-obtrusive ways of long-term sleep assessment, for example based oncardiorespiratory sleep scoring.  Morepathophysiological insights are gained from new ways to quantify respiratoryeffort. The long-term tracking of subjective sleep symptoms is combined withthese objective measurements. Importantly, sleep is regarded as a ’24-hour phenomenon’, implying thatassessment of daytime symptoms and behavior is an essential part of thediagnostic process. 

Sleep Medicine research group

Some of our researchers

Our PhDs, EngDs and PD

positionfull nameresearch topic
PhDJaap van der AarSleep diagnosis with long-term ambulatory EEG
PhDMaarten van den BroekMedtech solutions for Earlier DetectIon of CArdIovascular Disease - AF/OSA
PhDLuca CerinaAdvanced OSAS phenotyping by AI: discovering new predictors of clinical relevance, symptom severity and therapy outcome using big data
EngDGreice de Freitas KorbesUnobtrusive Monitoring of Sleep Apnea: automatic camera-based aiming
PhDHans van GorpSleep microstructure via cardiorespiratory surrogates
PhDJasmin KuhnPAP therapy monitoring for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
EngDSenna MeijDevelopment and implementation of an infrastructure to securely share large, complex and multimodal clinical sleep research datasets
EngDDavid de MeloUnobtrusive Monitoring of Sleep Apnea
PhDRaquel Pires AlvesUnobtrusive Monitoring of Sleep Apnea
PhDShuhao QueUnobtrusive Monitoring of Sleep Apnea
PhDJai ScheerhoornPeri-operative cardiorespiratory monitoring 5)
PhDLaura SchiphorstPAP therapy monitoring for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
PhDBernice WulterkensMedtech solutions for Earlier DetectIon of CArdIovascular Disease - Comorbid OSA and Insomnia
PhDJiali XieMultimodal Signal Analysis for Characterization of Unobtrusive OSA
PhDJiali XieDetection of obstructive sleep apnea with multimodal unobtrusive measurements
EngDHongji XuRespiratory monitoring of OSA patients by electromyography
PhDDandan ZhangUnobtrusive monitoring of premature infant sleep

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Sleep Medicine Research group

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