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Mechanics of Materials

We aim to develop and innovate the scientific tools to understand, describe, predict and optimize the mechanical response of industrially relevant materials and products.

Substantially increasing predictive power.

The scientific research activities in the Mechanics of Materials group concentrate on the experimental analysis, theoretical understanding and predictive modelling of a range of problems in materials engineering at different length scales, which emerge from the physics and the mechanics of the underlying multi-material microstructure.
The program aims for a substantial increase of the predictive power, thereby optimizing critical, state-of-the-art products and manufacturing processes in direct relation to the complex path-dependent loading history of different materials and their joining interfaces. A systematic and integrated numerical-experimental approach is adopted for this purpose. Within the group’s research scope, the research program entails:

Our groups

Multiscale Lab

The Multiscale Lab facilitates research on the deformation and failure behavior of composite materials. The insights gained lead to innovative materials.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing is a highly innovative production technology with an enormous potential in light-weight and personalised product design, enabling unprecedented geometric features. Within the group of Mechanics of Materials, we focus on improving the mechanical properties of printed products by investigating the relation between the print process conditions, the microstructure of the materials and the mechanical properties of the final products.

Numerical and experimental analysis to understand the properties of printed materials

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This project targets a novel extended multiscale computational homogenization framework, in order to realize a breakthrough in lifting the existing limits in terms of scale separation. The extended framework targets heterogeneous materials in which fine scale fluctuations lead to an emergent macroscopic response. This typically applies to metamaterials, both in the static and dynamic regime. Multi-scale engineering of such materials is therefore an expected outcome.

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