X-ray diffractometer (XRD), PanAlytical

High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction for the analysis of phase composition, thickness, roughness and defects in the thin layers. Applied also for the analysis of polycrystalline and disordered materials and for analysis of artificial structures.


PanAlytical X'pert PRO MRD


Crystallographic measurements. Thin-film thickness measurement.

- Determination of crystal parameters by diffraction of high-energy X-rays. 
- Measurement of the distance between crystal planes. Wafer characterisation.


High resolution X-ray diffraction. 
Available optics:
Incident path: variable slit or hybrid monochromator (4 bounce Ge with mirror), in combination with a variety of slits cq. Masks.
Detector path: Pixcel detector in combination with a variety of slits, masks, and beam collimators. Tripel axis setup.

- Rocking curves
- (High resolution) reflection measurements
- Tripel axis measurements
- Grazing incidence measurements
- Heatable (max 1100 °C) domed stage (inert argon atmosphere) for small pieces (apr. 2x1 cm2)


Wafers up to 100 mm

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