Roth & Rau Ion Beam Etcher

Ion beam milling reactor with argon. Applied with a magnetron sputter source for SiO2 and a SIMS eindpoint detector.


Roth & Rau Unilab Ion Beam Etching


Substractive method to transfer patterns by Ar ion beam etching (NON SELECTIVE).

Controlled depth etching of patterns into thin layers (<200 nm) and deposition of SiO2.

High depth resolution substractive pattern transfer. Real-time feedback of etching process by SIMS


Beam energy 0.2 - 2 keV,

ion current <50 mA,

ion current density up to 10 mA/cm2,

stage cooling,

substrate rotation,

ion incidence angle adjustable 0-90 deg,

beam neutralizer.

Standard Ar-ion milling

- SiO2 magnetron sputtering / reactive sputtering

- SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy) for end point detection and depth profiling of elements


Maximum size is 4 inch wafers. Note: homogenity 10% over 3 cm.

User conditions

Only used by operator


Ectching depth limited, typical etch rates: angstroms/s. No toxic materials allowed.