Doctoral Candidate

Aylin Kinik

Department / Institute
Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


Research into applying concentrated solar energy (CSP) to the seawater desalination process is still in its infancy. The first findings indicate that industrial applications are not yet feasible due to the high operational costs compared to conventional desalination. The DESOLINATION project aims to develop strategic innovations in the CSP technique, the desalination process, and the integration of these techniques to arrive at a competitive desalination process. In this project, MMP will use electrospinning to develop highly porous and open support materials that serve as support in the forward osmosis-driven desalination process. Polyelectrolyte coatings are then applied onto these open supports to make a selective membrane that is suitable and competitive as a desalting membrane.


Aylin Kinik received her BSc degree in Chemistry from Istanbul Technical University and studied polymer chemistry there as her graduation project. She got her MSc degree from Koc University. During her MSc studies, she focused on electrochemistry and worked on the first-row transition metal-based electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction. In 2022, she joined the Membrane Materials and Processes Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry as a doctoral candidate. She will work on the development of forward osmosis membranes for clean water production.

Ancillary Activities

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