University Lecturer

Bram Cappers

Mathematics and Computer Science
Visual Analytics

Bram Cappers is a PhD student at Eindhoven University of Technology. He achieved both his bachelor and master’s degrees in Computer Science (with honors) at Eindhoven University of Technology. After obtaining his Master in 2014 he started as a PhD student in the area of data visualization and cyber security. In the project SpySpot we are developing new tools and techniques to assist analysts in gaining insight and reverse engineering network traffic.  Besides the project, Bram is active in the program committee of the IEEE Symposium on Cyber Security Visualization.   With his latest system Eventpad Bram recently won a ICT.Open and Visual Analytics Science and Technology award for the discovery of patterns and anomalies in traffic data. In addition, the system has been used successfully for fraud  detection in VoIP traffic,  the discovery of bottlenecks in patient records and the reverse engineering of Ransomware activity. With these successes Eventpad has been in published KPN’s Cyber Security Perspective 2018 as new and innovative approach to enhance Cyber Security.

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