Former Doctoral Candidate

Debasish Mitra

Department / Institute
Electrical Engineering


I am currently working towards my PhD in the area of low power reconfigurable receivers. 

Research Description: In the present scenario of wireless communication, with the popular 2.4 GHz spectrum being overpopulated, the emergence of new communication standard is imminent. With multiple communication standards, it makes sense to design a single configurable transceiver capable of operating at different frequencies of operation adhering to the corresponding standards of communication. The frequency range of interest is from few hundred MHz to 5GHz of the ISM band. The power consumption of the transceiver will be minimal in the lines of BLE ICs. Apart from power being one of the main constraints, this project will also try to optimize design criteria for minimal noise figure and nonlinearity. The project will involve analysis and comparison of the different state of the art transceiver topologies and identifying different factors contributing to each of the above-mentioned parameters of interests.

Research Interests: RF circuit design, Analog Circuit Design, Embedded Systems.


I was born in the city of Kolkata, India in 1987. I completed my bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in the year 2009. After working a while in India, I complete my masters from Hamburg University of Technology, Germany in 2014 in the area of Microelectronics and Microsystems.

Since 2015, I am pursuing my PhD with Mixed Signal Microelectronics Group, Eindhoven University of Technology. My research area is low power reconfigurable receivers.

Ancillary Activities

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