Doctoral Candidate

Gabriela Sanchez Bahoque

Mechanical Engineering


Gabriela Sanchez is a Doctoral Candidate at the Power & Flow group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She is working on the CoEC (Center of Excellence in Combustion) project, which aims to a long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Her work focuses on DNS and LES of premixed H2 flames.


Gabriela acquired her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Zulia (Venezuela). Afterwards, she obtained a master’s degree in Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), where she specialized in Air Quality Control, focusing on simulation of combustion processes. During her master studies, she conducted a research project which consisted in modelling turbulent sooting flames and her master thesis consisted in modelling CO formation in gas turbines at part-load conditions. Following her master studies, she joined the Power and Flow group as a Doctoral Candidate.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities