Assistant Professor

Maike Baltussen

Group / Unit
Multi-scale Modelling of Multi-phase Flows
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Research Profile

Maike Baltussen is an Assistant Professor at the research group Multiscale Modelling of Multiphase Flows where the main topic is the development of advanced reactor models for multiphase reactors with industrial relevance. At present the focus is on the hydrodynamics and transfer of heat and mass in these reactors, since a lack of understanding of the flow phenomena is one of the central difficulties in the design and scale-up of multiphase reactors. Another research topic is understanding the interplay of transport phenomena with chemical reactions. The expertise of Maike is in the field of gas-liquid, gas-solid and gas-liquid-solid hydrodynamics and in multi-scale modelling, from DNS to phenomenological models.

Educational Activities

  • Multiphase computational fluid dynamics
  • Practical process technology
  • Introduction chemistry and chemical technology

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities