Full Professor

Maria Peeters

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Maria Peeters is a Full Professor at the Human Performance Management Group of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Her research focuses on workforce sustainable performance and diversity in a high tech work environment. Her areas of expertise include worker (ill)health and well-being, work engagement, sustainable employability, intervention research (including job crafting), work-life balance and (implementation of) technological innovations.  <br/><br/>Owing to the rapid pace on which newly developed technologies are implemented and the accompanying lack of support for effective usage of technological innovations, attention for workers’ sustainable performance appears to be potentially threatened. A solid understanding of the implementation process of technology on sustainable performance is pivotal, hereby taking into account the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA) of different target groups in organizations.

By implementing (technological) innovations in a tailor-made way (i.e. reckoning with characteristics of different target groups like older workers, workers with a lower educational level or certain disabilities) more workers will be able and motivated to remain in the labor market until a later age”.


Maria Peeters obtained an MSc in Health Sciences from Maastricht University and received her PhD from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen for her research on the effect of social support on work stress. In addition to her work at TU/e, she is also an Associate Professor at Utrecht University (Department of Social, Health and Organizational Psychology).  <br/><br/>Maria has a long tradition of research in various subjects of Work and Organizational Psychology. She has published over 100 national and international articles and book chapters in this area. Currently she is member of the editorial board of Work & Stress and The Dutch Journal of Behaviour in Organizations. She is editor of a leading textbook: “An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology (Wiley Blackwell, 2014). Since 2018, she has been president of the Dutch Association of Work & Organizational Psychology (EAWOP constituent).

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