Project Manager

Mark Mietus

Research Support and Valorization


As program manager in the Research Support Office (RSO), I'm focusing on supporting the TU/e institutes (EIRES, EAISI, ICMS, EHCI) with various organizational and strategic improvement projects. Projects can be aligned over the institutes, looking for synergy, but also specific for one institute. I understand both the need for, as well as the challenges in creating multidisciplinary cooperation between scientists from diverse backgrounds.

Creating overview enables insight; joint insight leads to effective cooperation


Mark is trained as a physicist and worked many years in several functions in industry. He has experience in forecasting major market transformations and in managing organizational change. He understands the challenges of academia and industry, enabling him to bring both sectors together. Mark’s ambition is to give hands on support and get things done. He focusses on clear communication, transparent overviews and strong program management to stimulate the growth of new scientific ideas and collaborations.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities