Doctoral Candidate

Maryam Mazaheri

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

My name is Maryam Mazaheri from Iran. Just recently joined ITEM Group in Dec 2019 as an External PhD Candidate in Innovation Science and hopefully, for the next 4 years I will be working with my Assistant Professors Jaime Bonnin Roca and Boukje Huijben on my proposal about “Comparing the role of Market-based Instruments & Governmental Policy Instruments on Developing Sustainable Innovation”; however we still are working on the subject to make it more solid and finalize it with some possible modifications.   I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Pure Mathematics in 2004, and I have started to work in ICT Hardware Supply Industry right after my graduation. My 14 years of work experience started from a sales & Marketing specialist position, developed to Regional Manager position after 2 years and while my career was taking off in the last 10 years I was positioned as the Supervisor or the Team Leader of Sales & Marketing/ Market Development Departments in well-known ICT and Telecom Brands (D-Link, ASUS, TP-Link, …) of the Industry in my country.   In 2015 I applied for Master in Innovation Management and regarding my work experience and also my great enthusiasm about critical thinking, complex problem solving especially in the context of Innovation, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, I got accepted from one of the top 10 universities in Iran ( and graduated in 2018. My dissertation was about “presenting a model for Marketing Eco-Innovations in Telecom Industry based on Social Cost”. In addition to conference papers with my colleagues, I have also been working on different projects in the fields of Technology Management, Technology Foresight, and Sustainable Development. A teaching experience during my master course and after is also highlighted in my academic career; working as a TA in the Scientometrics team of the university teaching students the new web-based bibliometrics program based on R-Rstudio package (Biblioshiny) & Gephi-VosViewer to use for structured reviews.   I am also certified in some Programming languages such as Python and C++ and Network management (Network+, CCNA, …)

Ancillary Activities

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