University Researcher

Yin Sun

Electrical Engineering


Yin Sun graduated from Twente University Master Programm “Sustainable Energy Technolgoy” with specialization in Electrical Power System in 2010.09.01. After master graduation, Yin Sun jointed KEMA as a power system specialist.Since joining KEMA, Mr. Sun has involved in multiple major system design/engineering studies where his responsibilities range from conceptual design work to detail engineering work. In his capacity as a power system specialist/engineer, Mr. Sun masters advanced power flow, short circuit, harmonics, reliability, protection coordination and power system transient analysis with the professional use of ETAP (OTI), PSS/E (Siemens PTI) and PowerFactory (Digsilent). Built upon his various project experiences, Mr. Sun has profound understanding of large industrial process network (especially aluminum smelter) as well as transmission network in the aspects of design and operation. In addition to technical content, Mr. Yin Sun manages small to mid-sized (up to 800k EUR) project ensuring effective communication with the client, internal task coordination, project schedule, deliverables, final presentation etc.Since 2014 1st July, Yin Sun joined TU Eindhoven ESS group and focuses on the impact of high penetration level of power electronics on the network in cooperation with DNVGL research and innovation department. The research should orient towards the study of the static/dynamic performance of power electronics interfaced applications (such electric cars, wind turbine, solar panel, micro CHP, STATCOM etc) and propose innovative distribution network solutions using testing, verification technologies (such as real time simulators, hardware in the loop concept etc)

Ancillary Activities

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