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The modern-day car is an intelligent and super high-tech system. A car has long ceased to be a stand-alone unit and is increasingly connected with other systems. High-quality electrical components have therefore become essential. This is partly due to the rise of hybrid and electric cars, the development of self-driving cars and smart traffic measuring systems. This means that the focus is no longer only on conventional mechanical engineering, but increasingly on disciplines such as electronics and software.

Why Automotive Technology?

Why should you enroll for this program?

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Major Automotive Technology

During your Bachelor's program of Automotive Technology, you are not specifically trained to develop a car. You will learn all relevant components of the car and learn how to understand it as a system. With this knowledge, you contribute to innovations in the field of smarter, cleaner and safer cars. The Automotive Technology major is formally part of the Bachelor's program of Electrical Engineering. After completing this major, you obtain your Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, specialized in Automotive.

Unique in the Netherlands

The Bachelor's program of Automotive Technology is a unique program in the Netherlands that only TU/e offers. A large part of the automotive industry in the Netherlands is located in the Brainport Region Eindhoven. These employers have a high demand for highly qualified engineers. The Netherlands has a good reputation when it comes to the automotive industry. Many businesses are market leaders in Europe and even globally. TU/e works closely together with these businesses, both national and international.

Are you:

  • Interested in science and technology?
  • Fascinated by complex high-tech systems and the interplay between motion, electrical components and control?
  • Always looking for improvements?
  • Ambitious and inspired by the thought of reducing traffic jams or CO2 emissions?

Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you belong to the new generation of automotive engineers!

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Study association Thor

The study association Thor promotes the interests of the students at the faculty of Electrical Engineering. On the one hand, their goal is to show you your specialization from a different angle. For instance through excursions, seminars, symposia and a study trip. At the same time, the study association is there to strengthen the bond between the members. They organize weekly drinks, sports tournaments, parties and field trips. Thor also organizes a large part of the introduction week for first-year electrical engineering and automotive students.

For more information, go to the website of the study association Thor.

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