Propeadeutic diploma or Bachelor diploma of a University of Applied Sciences


With a (propaedeutic) diploma from a University of Applied Sciences you are not directly eligible to the TU/e. Universities may impose additional requirements on students with an HBO (propaedeutic) degree.

If you have obtained a Dutch HBO bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, you may be eligible for the pre-master program. More information can be found here

What do I need to do?

  • You must demonstrate that you have mastered the English Language at the level of the Dutch VWO exam. You can do this by obtaining a VWO certificate in English, or by obtaining another accepted English Language test certificate.
  • You must obtain a VWO Mathematics B certificate (and if applicable also Physics/Chemistry), which has been completed with a pass (5,5 or higher). Here you can see which certificates are required for which programs.

VWO Certificates

You can obtain certificates for the required subjects and take admission tests in the Netherlands at the following institutions:

Exemption VWO exam via DUO

For students with a technical bachelor education with sufficient mathematics, physics and/or chemistry in the program, there is an option to request an exemption via DUO for the required VWO exam. The content of the bachelor program will be compared to the final terms of the VWO course. Based on this an exemption or rejection is provided. If the exemption is granted, you can provide this document to TU/e instead of a VWO certificate. The procedure with DUO can take some time, so it’s important that you start the procedure well in advance. Information on the procedure can be found here.

Only when you meet all the additional requirements can you be enrolled in a bachelor's program at TU/e. For more information, please contact Education and Student Affairs.