Tuition fee

The table below shows the different tuition fees for 2019-2020 with the requirements that must be met. 


Amount and type of tuition fees  


€2,083 (statutory rate) 

Bachelor's and master's students who meet nationality requirement1


€ 1.041,- (halve tuition fees) 

Please check the website of the Government of the Netherlands 

€11,000 (institutional rate bachelor ‘high’) 

Bachelor's students who do not meet the nationality requirement. 

€16,000 (institutional rate master ‘high’) 

Master's students who do not meet the nationality requirement. 

€1,041 (exam fee for extranei) 

Bachelor's and master's extranei who meet the nationality requirement. 

€ 5,500 (exam fee for bachelor's extranei) 

Bachelor's extranei who do not meet the nationality requirement. 

€8,000 (exam fee for master's extranei) 

Master's extranei who do not meet the nationality requirement. 

€ 34.72 per sp (bridging program rate per study point) 

Bridging rate (EEA and non-EEA) for taking study components in the bridging program or with the examination committee's permission for taking bachelor's and master's education units2

€ 500 (contractor rate per college series) 


I € 10.000,- PhD scholarship student

€ 16,000 (institutional rate ‘exit level students’) 

Master's students who do not meet the nationality requirements and are enrolled for one year (exit level students3). 

€ 8,000 (institutional rate ‘entry level students’) 

Master's students who do not meet the nationality requirements and are enrolled for two years (entry level students4). 

At the TU/e, the same rates apply to enrolments for part-time students as for full-time students.

Joint degree programs Data science and data science and enterpreneurship

For the joint degree programs Data Science and Data Science and Enterpreneurship, the institutional tuition fees have yet to be jointly determined by TU/e and TiU on the basis of the cooperation agreement between TU/e-TiU.

Transfer scheme

The amount for the transfer scheme will be published in June 2019.

At the TU/e, the same rates apply to enrolments for part-time students as for full-time students.

Transfer scheme  

  • Bachelor students who do not meet the nationality requirement and started the bachelor's degree program at the TU/e before 1 September 2016, will pay € 9.265 for 2019-2020 (institutional rate bachelor 'transfer'). 
  • Master's students who do not meet the nationality requirement and started the masters degree program at the TU/e before 1 September 2016, will pay €14.478 for 2019-2020 (institutional rate master 'transfer'). 
  • For European double degree programs, for which the agreement was concluded before February 1, 2016, the institutional tuition fee is €4,000 for entry level students and €8,000 for exit level students. For European double degree programs concluded on or after February 1, 2016, the institutional tuition fees as included in the above table apply. On November 17, 2016, the Executive Board decided on a discount to institutional tuition fees for the EIT digital program up to and including 2019-2020, resulting in a rate of €4,000 for entry level students and  €8,000 for exit level student 

Special programs  
The institutional rate for Summa Tech EEA students is set equal to the statutory tuition fee until 2020. 

Halving tuition fees for first-year students 2018-2019  
Information about the reduction of tuition fees from academic year 2018-2019 for first-year students can be found on the national government website. 

Pre-Master's tuitionfee

When enrolling in the pre-master program, the program determines the total number of credits for your bridging program. With a HBO prior education this is standard 30. On the basis of this program the level of the rate is determined: number of credits * € 34.72 (€ 2.083 / 60 credits) You pay your fee in one go at the start of the program (no refund possible) Halfway through the year any exemptions or additional courses will be settled. After completing your bridging program, you register for the Master and pay the statutory tuition fee.  

Payment tuition fee

When you have registered in Studielink, you can indicate how you want to pay the tuition fees via Studielink. The tuition fees can be paid in the following ways: 

  • Authorization standing order  
  • Bank transfer / deposit 
  • Invoice 

You can issue an authorization in which you authorize TU/e to deduct the tuition fee from a bank or SEPA account you specified. This may be an authorization for a one-off direct debit whereby the full amount is debited from the account number in one go or an authorization for amortization in ten installments (payment in ten installments is not possible when registering as a pre-master or an external student). If you opt for payment in ten installments, a one-off amount of € 24 administration costs will be charged. This amount is debited together with the first installment. 
If you register during the academic year, you can no longer opt for a one-off direct debit. You can still participate in (the remainder of) the collection in installments. The tuition fee amount will then be divided over the outstanding debt collection installments. 
For the 2019-2020 academic year, you can arrange the tuition fee authorization via Studielink from the second half of June 2019. You will receive an email from StudieLink with more information and instructions. 
By signing the account holder declares to be in agreement with the conditions that apply to the authorization of the collection of tuition fees. The authorization must also be signed by you if you are not the account holder.  
Dates of direct debits:  
The collection of the installments takes place on or about the 25th of each month, with the exception of December 24, 2019, January 24, 2020 and April 24, 2020. 
The installments are from the month of September to June, so in 10 installments. The one-off collection will take place around September 25, 2019.

You can choose to transfer the full tuition fee to the TU/e account number: 
NL86RABO0150183704 in the name of Eindhoven University of Technology 
Include your initials, name, date of birth and your student number (IDNR). 
Please note: enrolment is only complete when the full amount has been received on the TU/e account. 

Will someone other than you (e.g. a company or scholarship provider) pay your tuition fees and do you want to receive an invoice for this?  
Then print the 'Request form invoice' and fill it out completely.  
State the name of the company, the contact person and the address on the request.  
The form can be submitted to or sent to Education and Student Affairs, MetaForum 1.300, Postbus 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven.  
Please note: do not transfer any tuition fees to the account number stated under "transfer / deposit", but to the account number stated on the invoice.  
This prevents double payments.

Exemption tuition fees

If you are enrolling for a second study program (secondary enrollment), and you have already paid tuition fees at another university or college, you may be eligible for a reduction or an exemption from the tuition fees to be paid. If so, send an original Proof of Tuition Fee paid, issued to TU/e along with the registration form. The Proof of Paid Tuition Fee must be submitted at the same time as the registration request. A retrospectively submitted Proof of Paid Tuition Fee for a refund of the tuition fees already paid will not be accepted. Please note: A Proof of Paid Tuition Fee cannot be used for enrollment as an external student.

For international students

International students all pay a guarantee fee to confirm that they will enroll at TU/e. 
Non-EEA students pay a guarantee fee that includes the first year tuition fee.  
The guarantee fee for EEA students does not include the tuition fee. Below are the options for these students to pay their tuition fee. 

Bank transfer

If you wish to pay your tuition fee via a bank transfer from your account in a country outside the Netherlands or after arrival in Eindhoven from your Dutch account, please use the bank details mentioned below. 

Please note that this is not the same TU/e bank account as you transfered your guarantee payment to. Please be aware that there are separate accounts for the guarantee payment and for the payment of tuition fees.The account below is for payments of the tuition fee. 

If you want to pay the tuition fee by (international) bank transfer you will need the following information:  

  • bank account number TU/e: 
  • bank account name: TU/e collegegelden (please use this Dutch name) 
  • beneficiary/remmittee (to whom the payment will be made): Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (please use this Dutch version of the TU/e name as this is registered at the bank) 
  • IBAN code: NL 86 RABO 01501837 04  
  • BIC code: RABONL2U  
  • City: Eindhoven, the Netherlands  
  • Address: Postbus 301 – 5600 AH Eindhoven, The Netherlands  
  • Please mention your student number, full name and date of birth (particularly if someone else is paying your fee. This is so that we can see which student has paid the fee).

When you are arranging the fee payment please ensure that your bank understands that any costs involved in this money transfer is NOT to be charged to the TU/e and that YOU will bear all transfer costs.  

PLEASE NOTE: your enrolment can only be complete when the full tuition fee amount is deposited in the abovementioned account!  

Direct debit and standing order

It is possible to arrange for your tuition fee to be paid by standing order. During the Registration Day you will be offered the opportunity to fill in a form to arrange this. 
Your enrollment will be finalized once your enrollment form and the signed standing order form have been processed.  
You can authorize the TU/e to debit your tuition fees from your Dutch bank account, either in the form of a one-off direct debit for the full amount, or a standing order for the fees to be transferred in five installments.  
If you pay in installments, you will be charged a €24 administration fee, which will be debited from your account with the first installment. 

Consequences of the Brexit as of April 12 2019

The Dutch government has announced its intention to ensure that UK citizens who are already residing in the Netherlands shall be allowed to continue taking Bachelor's or Master's programs at the standard legal rate. Nothing will change for them.

Be aware that – in order to make use of this transitional arrangement – you must be registered in the Basisregistratie Personen (BRP) as a resident before the Brexit date.

UK students who come to the Netherlands after the Brexit and start a Bachelor's or Master's program shall pay the higher institutional rate.

Further information from the Dutch government concerning the Brexit can be found here.