Guarantee fee

Students who have been admitted to a TU/e Bachelor's or Master's program based on a non-Dutch previous education pay a guarantee fee in advance to confirm that they will enroll at the TU/e. 

Guarantee fees for EEA students

Students from EEA countries who will start a TU/e Bachelor's, Pre-Master's or Master's program should transfer the sum of €250 for the academic year 2019-2020 to the TU/e bank account according these instructions for payment. The guarantee fee is the same for all EEA students, regardless of whether they will receive a scholarship to fund their studies or whether they are totally self-financing. 

If you are starting your studies at the beginning of the academic year you will take part in the Bachelor Intro 2019 or the TU/e Master Kick-off 2019. 
Part of the guarantee fee (€120 for the Intro 2019 and € 75 for the TU/e Master Kick-off 2019) will be used as fee payment. The remainder will be returned to your Dutch bank account after you have enrolled at TU/e. You should pay your tuition fee by following the payment instructions under Tuition Fees.

Guarantee fees for non-EEA students

Students who are financing their own study costs and who have the nationality of a non-EEA country are required to transfer the following amounts for the academic year 2019-2020 : 
Bachelor's students: € 12,000 
Master's students: € 17,000 

This guarantee fee will be used to pay for the visa and/or residence permit application (€171), the first year tuition fees and €120 for participation in the Bachelor Intro 2019 or €75 for participation in the TU/e Master Kick-off 2019. These fees should be transferred to the TU/e bank account according these instructions for payment.

Any remaining money will be transferred to your Dutch bank account on your arrival in Eindhoven. 
We will start arranging your visa/residence permit and/or housing once we have received the confirmation statement, the guarantee fee, the proof of financial means and any documents required for a visa application. 

Please note that International students with the nationality of a non-EEA  do not need to follow the payment instruction of the tuition fee stated elsewhere on this website. Payment of the guarantee fee is automatically payment of your tuition fee.

Guarantee fees for scholarship students

International students who will receive a scholarship to fund their studies at TU/e or will join the TU/e through one of the following programs may transfer the reduced guarantee payment of €500 (non EEA students) and €250 (EEA students): 

  • ALSP 
  • Colfuturo*
  • Conacyt* 
  • EIT-digital 
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in BDMA 
  • InnoEnergy 
  • KIC 
  • LPDP - Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education*
  • NFP 
  • Pixnet
  • SENSE 
  • Senecyt*

* Students with scholarships from these organizations, please send proof of your scholarship to before your arrival in Eindhoven.

Please also note that it is not possible for TU/e to send an invoice to the scholarship organization for the guarantee fee. Please make your own arrangements for the guarantee fee to be paid. 

The guarantee fee will be used to cover: 

  • The administrative costs of the visa application (if applicable) (€171) 
  • Bachelor Intro 2019 (€120) or TU/e Master Kick-off 2019 (€75). 
  • The course book for the summer course ‘Dutch for Beginners I’ (if you register) 
  • The remainder of the fee will be transferred to your new Dutch bank account at the start of the academic year. 

Extra information

  • TU/e will only start the visa and/or residence permit application when the full amount of the guarantee fee and the proof of financial means has been received. We will not start the procedure if you only transfer the visa and/or residence permit fee.  
  • If you decide not to start at TU/e after you have transferred the guarantee fee, TU/e will deduct the visa and/or residence permit fee (if the application has already been done) and the Intro fee. The remainder will be transferred back to you. The international transfer costs will also be deducted. 
  • If you already have a Dutch residence permit with another purpose than study or with the purpose of study, please follow the directions in the confirmation statement. 
  • The guarantee fee is not for payment of housing or other services: 
    • Guarantee fee for NON-EEA students covers 1st year tuition fee, visa and/or residence permit fee and Intro fee. 
    • Guarantee fee for EEA students covers the Intro fee.