Mechatronic System Design

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Kickstart your career in industry!

In the Netherlands, and especially in the Brainport region (Eindhoven and surroundings), there is lots of high tech industry. This industry needs highly educated engineers that can understand, innovate, and design complex equipment, instruments, robotic and manufacturing systems. In addition, there is a trend towards smart components and systems. This requires new generations of engineers with additional skills and training.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) plays an important role in the high tech industry of the Brainport region. The EngD program track Mechatronic Systems Design program will give your career in high tech industry a kick-start. As a technological designer, you have the rewarding task of translating new ideas and plans into mechatronic system designs.

The program emphasizes systems design, and the EngD trainees focus on strengthening both their technical and professional competencies related to the effective and efficient design of technologies for high end mechatronic systems. In particular the program considers the multidisciplinary design aspects of project-based research and development of high end mechatronic systems, and the challenges that are faced by the high tech industry: A systems approach to problems around automation, precision & control, smart components, materials, maintenance, and more.