EngD Smart Buildings & Cities

ECTS points
Education type
Two year
Engineering Doctorate

SBC EngD program (formerly PDEng) is a two-year post-master technological designer program. The SBC program wants to contribute to the transition towards smart, intelligent and sustainable cities where quality of life is high.
SBC graduates are able to use a broad technological understanding of concepts relevant to the smart cities themes (architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, building engineering, civil engineering and ICT).

EngD trainees work at their company project and parallel to that they are taking part in different courses provided by TU/e. These courses help them to improve their design skills, professional skills (communication, teamwork, management, entrepreneurship) and their individual disciplinary knowledge related to their project and their background to deepen and broaden their knowledge.

Traineeships are salaried positions. After successfully completing all requirements, trainees are awarded EngD degree (Engineering Doctor), formerly PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering). More information about a EngD degree can be found here.

CCTO Certification

This program is recognized as an EngD program by the CCTO, the Dutch certification institute for technological designer programs.