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Countries are typically defined by their cities and infrastructure, and specifically by their landmark buildings. These are often iconic structures pushing design frontiers while addressing architectural challenges with innovative solutions. Think of the shell-shaped Sydney Opera House or the 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Closer to home, consider Market Hall, the Erasmus Bridge as well as Rotterdam Central Station and – located in the very city in which our TU/e is located – the landmark Evoluon. If you dream of realizing a building that makes your country proud, then why not develop your knowledge of infrastructure principles and follow the Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) master’s program at the Eindhoven University of Technology?

What does Architecture, Building and Planning encompass from a social perspective?

Current societal and sustainable developments invariably provide food for thought on how we perceive our built environment. This built environment includes land, air, water, transportation, communications and a logistics network – aimed at optimizing the effectiveness of land use and infrastructure. Issues like climate change, a rapidly-growing population and a serious housing shortage have been around for decades, but nowadays they are more on the agenda than ever before. Dilemmas of this nature require incisive thinking and innovative technologies to constantly adapt and upgrade the city of today to make it ready for the demands of tomorrow.

How does Architecture, Building and Planning impact me?

Art and science join forces in the field of architecture, building and planning for our built environment. You can contribute to our future built environment as an architect, an urbanist, a real estate specialist, a mobility adviser, a civil engineer, a structural designer, or a building physics expert. The Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) master’s program at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) prepares you for these professions or for pursuing an academic career. An ABP graduate must ensure a building is not only functional and aesthetic, but safe too – by integrating art, science and technology. Our Architecture, Building and Planning master’s program brings out the thought leader in you, a true professional who can go beyond the borders of current imagination and (re)shape the built environment and the building industry.

What will I learn and why is it important?  

Our master’s program at the TU/e covers the broad spectrum of disciplines related to the built environment. They range from architectural and urban design to civil engineering and structural design, and from there on to building physics and services and to urban planning, mobility and real estate development. We will be addressing the study of building materials and techniques, building structures and property development to boost your knowledge of planning, creating, maintaining and conserving buildings, cities and infrastructure – rethinking the arrangement of corridors, the roof and building elements, for example. You select a specialization in which you follow courses, design projects and research projects. You are encouraged to create cross-connections between two or more of our tracks, better understanding the problems of the other disciplines. We will help you to apply your synthetic skills and analytical abilities in a design-oriented approach that is embedded in research.

Why would this be a master’s program for me, and what specific skills do I need?  

Whichever discipline you choose, a healthy dose of creativity is a prerequisite to finding the most innovative solutions to topical problems in building domains. Working within the built environment requires an independent and inquisitive state of mind. Yet a team player mentality is also required as a critical success factor connecting the dots to and amongst other relevant and associated disciplines. 

Why should I follow this program at the TU/e and not elsewhere; what makes this master unique?  

Its broad orientation makes the Architecture, Building and Planning master’s program in Eindhoven unparalleled with respect to the way in which other universities approach this degree course. Since we offer all disciplines related to the built environment under one roof, the program provides a solid preparation for the multidisciplinary building industry in which you will be working after your studies. Moreover, Eindhoven offers small-scale education that enables students and teachers to join forces to achieve the best possible outcome. Our ABP master’s program also offers you the opportunity to select specific courses and combine diverging interests within the built environment to compile the study program that optimally matches your specific interests.

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The department also facilitates opportunities for international experience and internships. These allow you to broaden or deepen your professional development by going abroad or gaining work experience in a company. Additionally, the optional Master’s honors program offers further chances for developing your personal leadership skills and for professional development.

Within the Architecture, Building and Planning Master's program, you can choose from six tracks. However, the program is extremely flexible, and you have the freedom to compose your own personal study plan according to your interests, capacities or other motives. You can develop yourself into a designer, researcher, manager or policy maker in the chosen track. You are stimulated to create cross-connections between two or more of these tracks. A member of the academic staff will be your mentor and sounding board to discuss your goals and choices.


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This program is NVAO-accredited. In the Netherlands, the NVAO assesses the internal quality assurance of universities and colleges and the quality of their programs.