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Master of Science (MSc)

The world population is reaching a new balance. In 2010, over half the world lived in urban areas and by 2050 that proportion is expected to reach nearly 70%. As a result, the United Nations is demanding a change in how we think about the construction and reconstruction of cities and buildings. 

Our Construction Management and Engineering program anticipates that change by exploring the area between ‘construction engineering' and ‘scientific management and economics'. It focuses on the management and implementation of information processes with an emphasis on smart cities and smart buildings. The CME program is grounded in societal challenges such as climate change, energy transition, circular economy, digital twinning, etc. In particular, it looks at: 

  • City Information Management (CIM)
    considering the emerging field of urban informatics (including geospatial data, sensor data, 3D city data, etc.), creating virtual representations of cities with real-time connections to the physical world and its inhabitants, catering to various stakeholders such as municipalities, citizens, architects, urban planners, transport engineers, and construction companies, to make informed decisions using urban analytics in the context of smart cities.
  • Building Information Management (BIM)
    handling and managing building information throughout the building life cycle, improving the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, operation, and demolishment process, using both static data (including building models, point clouds) and dynamic data (including sensor data, IoT) allowing for the creation of digital twins of buildings and its occupants, and real-time data processing employing AI technology in the context of smart buildings.
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Master of Construction Management and Engineering

An interdepartmental program between the Built Environment (BE) and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) departments, the CME program possess a distinctive research-driven and project-oriented approach to education. You will use a combination of urban/building sciences and management and innovation sciences to develop solutions for smart cities and buildings. 

To help you in develop a personalized education program, the CME program offers: 

  • A series of courses and projects with a lot of flexibility and multidisciplinary opportunities  
  • The possibility to gain international experience 
  • Education in soft skills such as creativity, and communication skills

Admission and Enrollment

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The two-year CME master’s program is part of the 4TU Federation, which comprises the four universities of technology in the Netherlands. The CME program is coordinated between TU/e, TUDelft and the University of Twente, giving you the possibility of taking elective courses at each location. 

CME rankings 

The TU/e CME program was ranked highest amongst the 4TU-CME programs according to Elsevier studies 2022 and the Keuzegids Master 2022.

Reasons to choose this program

If you choose Construction Management & Engineering in Eindhoven, you choose an interdisciplinary program about building management with a scientific and technical focus. The courses and projects are provided in partnership by two departments, each with its own competence profiles, traditions and networks. This not only ensures that the program is of high quality, but also that it is highly interesting and stimulating. Courses are lectures by teachers with a strong academic and/or professional reputation. Graduation projects are individual projects, often in cooperation with a business partner. Business partners are eager to be involved and they can be found in Eindhoven region, also known as Brainport. Altogether this means that graduates of the CME Master's degree program are assured a highly valued diploma.



  • What are the prospects after I received my CME diploma?

    When you have completed the Master program in Construction Management & Engineering, you will be familiar with methods and techniques from urban/building sciences and management and innovation sciences to develop solutions for smart cities and smart buildings. That means you will be able to find employment in the professional field, or you can opt to develop your knowledge further at an academic institute. In the former case you will usually be working as a manager in a building company, government agency or project developer. It goes without saying that the combination of technical and...

  • What is the benefit of the 4TU-CME collaboration?

    The CME degree program is coordinated between the three universities Eindhoven University, Delft University, and University Twente, with compulsory, common courses, and with elective specialization courses, that are different at each university. The CME program at the Eindhoven University focusses on the management and implementation of information processes with an emphasis on smart cities and smart buildings. However you can discuss with your mentor if you can include courses from the other locations in your study plan that fit with your personal ambitions.

This program is NVAO-accredited. In the Netherlands, the NVAO assesses the internal quality assurance of universities and colleges and the quality of their programs.