Master Sustainable Energy Technology

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Master program
Two years
Master of Science

Social demand for sustainable energy supplies is growing, and energy generation and usage is getting increasingly cleaner and more efficient. One aspect of this change is the increasing use of renewable energy sources such as biomass. The energy market is also changing as a result of internationalization and liberalization. 

This Master's Program trains students to be able to anticipate the change processes in the energy market. Graduates will contribute to the newest developments in sustainable energy technology, and understand the opportunities and limitations involved in its application. 

Master Sustainable Energy Technology

Our program aims to give you a broad knowledge of energy technology. To this end, the departments Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Applied Physics, Architecture, Building and Planning and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences all cooperate in this master's program.  


The discipline of Sustainable Energy Technology combines a number of specializations. The multidisciplinary research is organized into several themes, which are also the focal areas of the energy related research at the TU/e: 

  • Electrical power systems 
  • Application in the built environment 
  • Energy & society 
  • Sources, fuels & storage 

The Master Sustainable Energy Technology also forms part of the SELECT master program, which focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of sustainable energy solutions. Students following this program study at two of the program’s universities and gain a double degree in the relevant Master’s program from each university.  

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