After graduation

After completing the Master’s Program of System and Control, you are an engineer. You can now start your professional career or continue studying and/or pursue a PhD.

Starting your professional career

With a degree in Systems and Control, you have broadly applicable skills in control technology and can choose from a very wide range of professions. Especially in and around Eindhoven, there are high-tech companies large and small that specialize in, for instance, positioning systems. These companies are eager to hire qualified engineers like you.

In addition, many graduates of this master’s program find work in the automotive, energy and process industries, at engineering firms, research institutes and in the software sector. You can also start your own business. Our alumni find a good job quickly (or even while they are still studying). Take a look at where our alumni have ended up.

Continue studying

After obtaining your master’s degree, you can also continue studying and pursue a EngD (Engineering Doctorate) or a PhD. Successful completion of the paid EngD Mechatronic System Design program means that you will have earned a Professional Doctorate in Engineering. During your training you enhance your technological knowledge and learn how to apply it in practice. The design program consists of two components:

  • In the first year, you take courses that prepare you for the second year; 
  • In the second year, you work on a large multidisciplinary design project, supervised by experienced professionals.

The PhD program prepares you for a career in academic research. For four years, you are paid to conduct research at TU/e on a specific subject within the domain of Systems and Control. This makes you even more attractive to the labor market.