After graduation

Graduate engineers can take up a broad range of positions. There is a strong demand for systems and control engineers both in the Eindhoven region and further afield. Especially in Eindhoven and the surrounding area, there are numerous large and small high-tech companies working in the field of positioning systems and vehicle subsystems. In addition, many graduates of this master’s program will find employment in the automotive, energy and process industry, in engineering companies, in research institutes and in the software industry.

Designer's program

The program leads to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree. During your program you will increase your technological knowledge and learn how to apply it in practice. The designer's programs consist of two parts. You first follow a year of advanced education to prepare you for a major design project lasting from eight to twelve months. Under the supervision of experienced professionals, you will take part in a large-scale, multidisciplinary project in a leading company.