The Bachelor's program

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry is a program in which you learn about the disciplines chemistry, material science and process technology. The research is broad and stretches into other fields. This is evident in the study program where several societal themes are key, for example Sustainable Energy and Health & Life Sciences.

Some themes have its own Design-Based Learning project. In these projects you apply your learning of theory in which attention also focuses on possible applications, such as the use of organic chemistry in the medical world. You complete your Bachelor's program with a major project, choosing the theme yourself. This is also excellent preparation for a Master's program.

Education and research

In the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Bachelor's program, education and research are strongly interwoven, which means that you are always kept updated on the latest developments in your field during your course. The Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry researches a wide spectrum of subjects, from the development of solar cells and regulated drug release to intelligent textile fibers. The department also carries out research into the optimization of production processes to enable the biggest possible yield at the lowest possible environmental  load, consumption of energy and resources. The department undertakes a lot of application geared research, often in close collaboration with the chemical industry.