Technical reports 1995-1999


Benschop, P.B. and Verstraten, A.J.E., TriMIpSOS: A software reference architecture for the digital video domain
Chen, N.Z., Redesign of the Chi-kernel
Dees, W., Design of an Integrated Help System for EasyVision
Golsteijn, R.H.M. and Raijmakers, E.P.J., Development of a CSCW tool based on middleware technology
Grodek, M.W., Embedded TestFrame: an experimental design for embedded system testing
Lingen, F.J.M. van, MWT-GIS: Design and implementation of GIS functionality in the MWT environment
Lowet, D.J.C., CablePilot: design and implementation of network management software for cable modems
Muyzenberg, M. van den, and Nieuwburg, R.A.A. van, CEMITri: design and implementation of a Windows CE set-top box
Novosad, T., Design of ProDeo kernel
Peeters, D.P.M.C.C. and Peters van Ton, M., Development of an Information-Navigation Tool
Vermeulen, R.R.M., Facility handling in an open call control architecture


Bergevoet, B.A.J., Smart-Bars: controlling professional DVD players through bar-codes
Bos, V., Value web available to promise
Broek, C.B. van den, Real-Time animation of interactively modeled implicit surfaces
Caelers, R. and Dijkzeul, C.W.J., A trading service for the nucleus architecture
Drimmelen, L.P. van, Development of the event log subsystem
Dumont, S.H.M.M., Debugger/monitor facility for Chi-models
Erp, M. van and Penners, R.W.S., Design of a distributed subscription service for information systems
Glas, A., The module architecture browser: Visualisation of architectural information in support of reverse engineering
Gouder de Beauregard, A.F.W., Communication Station
Koster, R.R.J., H.263+ : modified quantization mode
Marcelis, R., A library of generic building blocks for performance analysis of heterogeneous architectures
Roer, R.A. van de, Development of a virtual tactical space demonstrator
LePair-Taphorn, Chr., TriMedia video conferencing system: Pan and zoom functionality


Bachri, M., Specification and design of a service creation environment tool for the Universal Services' Platform
Bon, B.J.M., Software/hardware Reed-Solomon decoders for digital television
Cardone, P., An MPEG-2 video decoder for Advanced TeleVision
Danilouchkine, M.G., Multimedia mail user agent
Doren, E.G.P. van, Redesign of the Tangram compiler
Engelsman, E., An assessment of Java and component technology for an advanced electronic programme guide concept
Foliant, P.A.J., Design and implementation of a telecommunications service architecture at KPN research
Gassel, R.P.T. van and Wijgerink, E.M.G., Development and integration of Data Broadcast Software and technical study on web-based transactions
Heijmans, J. and Soede, J.W., Design and implementation of a software set-top box
Hofkamp, A.T., Data-modeling in Chi
Holtman, K.J.G., Prototyping of CMS storage management
Leeuwen, J.C. van and Wouters, P.N., Internet-based service concepts
Rietjens, E. and Soede, M.J., Design and implementation of a mobile agents framework
Thuijls, J.M.P., Investigating object oriented development within business telephone-exchange software
Veldhoven, E.R. van, Mine Warfare Testbed linking
Vrijsen, A.P.P., A software architecture for ScopeMeter instrument: an object-oriented approach for a Windows CE environment


Algra, E. and Boosten, M., Besturings- en Analysesoftware voor een Akoestische Viscositeitsmeter
Balen, M. van, I/O and communication software for IGBS
Barenbrug, B.G.B., Designing a library for constraint driven dynamics in the GDP
Beek, J.C.M. van and Woerkom, H.H.A. van, Distribution of Multimedia Applications
Benders, F.P.A. and Krom, P.P.J. de, Design of the Mine Warfare Testbed Simulation Modelling Environment
Blijenberg, J.N., Developing a project performance indicator workbench
Brassé, M.H.H., PARIO: A Parallel File Access Library
Bijsterveld, M.L.L., VLSI programming of a low power Burst Mode Controller
Fabián, G. and Janson, P.L., Simulator for Combined Continuous-Time/Discrete-Event Models
Foliant, P., Design and Implementation of a Telecommunications Service Architecture at KPN Research
Geraets, R.H.J. and Schouten, G.C., Design and Implementation of a Multimedia Authoring System
Gijsbers, R.J.L.C. and Vestjens, P.G.H., The ICS-WS Coding Standard & the OSCAR Support Tool
Hollenberg, H.C.M. and Sliva, J., SCOPE: Simulation of cluster Aggregation in Object-oriented Parallel Environment
Jacobs, H.S., Design of a collaborative virtual environment application
Jansen, R.E.J. and Vocht, J.W. de, A Simulation Model for the SPLICE Distributed Real-Time Architecture
Knubben, R.J.J., OORTESt: Object-oriented development of Real-Time Embedded Software. A Case Study
Lamerikx, F.J.G. and Visser, J.T.W., A DICOM Protocol Analyser
Vonk, F., Developing control software for an X-ray system


Alberts, W.T.M. and Naumoski, G., The Chi engine: a fast simulator for systems engineering
Berg, A.A.H.M. van den, TVPhone, a simulation of an extended TV application
Bink, A.J., Single track handshake signaling : a design flow with application to the ImageNet IC
Crom, P.J.N. de, The design of a new graphical user interface for ExSpect
Dierx, G.P.T., Managing geometry in AIMS II using ACIS and ObjectStore
Drimmelen, M.J. van, Win'X : a suite of programs for pattern treatment, phase identification, and quantitative analysis
Gelderblom, R.H. and Geurts, L.J.F., The application of geometric constraints in defining affine transformations : an ingredient of virtual reality based architectural design
Gruijthuijsen, E.W.A. van, Design of a graphical user interface for modeling DMS surfaces
Hanse, A.J. and Vink, P.T., Object-oriented gateway for an agent-based environment
Heijden, J.W.B. van der and Stappers, B., Designing algorithms for computing and executing schedules
Kemp, P.J.C., Role modeling with AIMS II
Knapen, E.G., Designing a code generator for embedded display controllers
Kock, E.A. de, A programming environment for video signal processors
Kuijpers, N.H.L., Parallel implementation of stereo vision on a distributed memory system
Martin, J.M.M., X.500 directory services with lazy replication
Meesters, M.R.J., On-line event reconstruction using a parallel in-memory database
Micklei, E.M., A framework for storage and retrieval of SGML documents in GemStone
Moonen, J.R., A test bed for ATLAS level-2 trigger using a C104-based architecture
Penners, M.P.H., Electronic disclosure of information on CD-ROM
Pigmans, O.C.A.M., Designing a calculator for least cost call routing
Sleuters, H.J.H., (Re)engineering of multi-media engines
Smakman, C.H.J. and Sterren, W.E.P. van der, Design of the mine warfare testbed
Weffers, H.T.G., Presentation, acquisition and dissemination of PSF-related information
Wijngaarden, M.A. van, Design and implementation of a graphical user-interface for GEAR