Technical reports 2000-2004


Acuña, C., Volume and 3D graphics rendering in a curved MPR application
Best, C. van, and Peter, C., PDF filter framework
Cuppen, R.P.G., ...
Ilchenko, V., Design and implementation of a structured reporting system
Leeuwen, J.J.A. van, Task allocation in a mixed hardware-software environment
Srinivasan, S. and Liu, X., MG-R identification of component boundaries
Lukin, S., Analysis tool support for WIS engineering in Hera project
Michael, G., Analyzing run-time component memory consumption with aspect-oriented techniques
Mulyar, N. and Posta, L., Coupling of multidisciplinary models
Mumford, E., User adaptive video transmission management over a wireless network
Nicolaas, A.R., Tagnology in the CE context
Paštrnak, J., Advanced efficient interrupt handler and JPEG decoding framework for DXC platform
Peters, R.G.O., Radio on Unicorn
Siahaan, D.O., The Cassandra project: metadata database communication infrastructure and its implementation
Tjiong, M., Agent-based architectural pattern
Yakimovich, A., Asynchronous (handshake technology) on-chip interconnect infrastructure


Albu, M.A., Design criteria for FPGA applications
Albu, T.F., AML: A visual programming language for ASM Lithography
Bondarau, Y. and Voinea, S.L., IBO+ Dual Streaming
Chelminski, F., Impact of architectural refactoring on software quality attributes
Delnooz, C. and Vrijnsen, L.J.G., The Caribou Project: a scenario-based approach towards a prototyping framework
Jarnikov, D.A., Towards balancing network and terminal resources to improve video quality
Kapustová, J. and Kryvinchanka, A., Metadata 4 Everyone
Liu, X., Integration of analogue TV services into MHP
Mazuryk, Y. and Pau, C.D., Frame accurate editing of DV material on a HDD/DVD+RW recorder
Mikheev, A., Rendering of 3D geometrical objects embedded into volume images
Osch, M.P.W.J. van, Client side caching of dynamic web pages
Qi, Y., Interface Recorder and Playback Project
Shumskaya, E., User friendly Pulse programming environment for Philips MR scanners
Tas, M.A., Two case studies in software analysis and design


Hartskamp, M.A. van, The design of a quality-of-service simulator for home networks
Jin, X., The replacement of a RDBMS by an OODBMS for a medical imaging system
Kychma, M., Commercial block detection on digital recording products (DVD and HDD)
Ma, H., DVD+RW editing facilities for Linux
Muitjens, G.G.M., On the suitability of Java for TV control applications
Paštrnak, M., Distributed Visualization and Simulation with Object Oriented Networks
Shcherbatyuk, V.V., FPGA technology: development cycle and applications
Shumski, S., Scripting interface service
Vojsovic, I., MiCoPP : migration of components for product populations


Barna, P. and Rusnak, P., Design and Implementation of ZNOW Import and Connectivity Functionality
Bougrina, L., Design and Development of an Information Blackboard Viewer
Garcia, P. and Xu, B., Introduction of presentation state into EasyVision
Hudak, M., Internet Tuner
Jansen, M.A.F., Automatic simulation and verification of UML activity diagrams, by translation to Chi and Promela
Kooijmans, A.R. and Novikov, A., A Streaming Application in EPOC
Manolache, C.D. and Zelina, M.F., In-home network simulation framework II
Nesterenko, A., OpenCard Framework applications
Tran, T.M., Design and implementation of an IPP Client/Server system
Venemans, B.M., Redesign of a flexible cross-platform communication utility


Belousova, N., In-Home Network Simulation Framework
Cristescu, S.A., Medical imaging platforms - long term : "The consultation, the imaging session and the diagnosis" Scenario Demonstrator
Ěstok, S., Concept, Design, and Implementation of a Demonstrator for an In-Home Networking Application
Frasiñcar, F. and Vdovják, R.V., Chi 0.7 discrete kernel
Knezo, E., Design of SMP-MESH : MEssaging and ScHeduling on SMP systems
Nitescu, I., Interactive Visualization of System Performance
Oborzyńska, A. and Oborzyński, K., COMfeasta: migration to Microsoft's COM technology
Papalau, L.M. and Šamalik, P., Design of an Efficient Resource Kernel for Consumer Devices
Pu, X., A feasibility study on DeviceNet in ASML machine control
Tomaš, M., REAL assembly to C code translation
Zavoianu, F., Specification for improved test protocol scheduling