Technical reports 2010-2013


Bom M., Quality of Life Concept: Designing a Cross-Platform Video Call Application
Ljocheva K., Data Integration Framework for Interventional X-Ray
Lukić M., Metrology data modeling and data handling
Papakostopoulos, A., DACTyL Solving the missing link between clinical and telehealth data
Pavlovska, H., Pandora X – An enhanced configuration tool for faster and more reliable system upgrades
Strouzas, S., Generic Framework for photoresist-based metrology calibrations 
Uyumaz, U., Wafer Flow Simulator Visualizer
van der Weele, V., Galvanic Separation: Securing remote video verification through network separation


Ahogado Alvarez, D., Enhancing the functionality of a simulator for the analysis of data paths
Andreev, S.A., Forgestream: Streaming data processing pipeline
Gebreweld, A.T., Resource-usage Modeling Tools for Performance Control
Grollios, T., Modeling and Analysis for Big Data challenges in Nano-imaging
Heredia Soriano, F.J., Sensing of Complex Buildings and Reconstruction into Photo-Realistic 3D Models
Kostadinovska, I., Design for Diagnostics Design Tool
Kotian, R., Simulation Environment for Maritime Safety and Security Systems
Kudchadker, T., Investigation of a new TV User Interface architecture
Lazar, B.M., ASML alignment sequence generator
Loizidis, A., Asynchronous execution and time extension to wafer flow simulation
Manevska, Z., User Interface Layer for POOSL
Mihordea, T.I., An Easy-to-use 2D-3D Registration Process
Nguyen, X.H.,Configurable 3D Rotational X-ray Reconstruction
Okwudire, C.G.U.,MOBASE: A framework for managing shared, multi-disciplinary printer information
Palatnik Minguell, M.,Design Framework Process Tailoring
Theodorou, D.,Network Provisioning in IaaS Clouds: A Network Resource Management System
Ward, J.J.,Connecting ALMOST to the world around it, from Fortran file I/O to a service oriented architecture
Zhang, X.,Performance, Distribution, and Development of Ericsson Composition Engine


Boskaya, M., Time-based co-registration of X-ray and IVUS medical imaging systems
Cirstea, C.T., Grid Data Acess: Proxy Caches and User Views
Habib, Y., Internet Lighting: Linking Internet Media to Consumer Lighting
Ibrahim, C., Web-Enabled Education and Coaching System
Karatoy, H., A Real-Time Networked Camera System
Khambia, Y., Redesign of the Test Automation Data Model
Lazovski, N., Component Interface Specification in Architecture Decription Languages (ADLs) for Behavioral Validation
Liang, L., A Graphical Specification Tool for Decentralizad Warehouse Control Systems
Pinisetty, S.,An example of using F# based approach to workflow management
Schindler, K.,A Simulator for Data Processing Pipelines
Sinha, V.,4 blood flow MRI - The derivation and visualization of quantitative diagnostic parameters
Streb, J.-M.,Enabling Modularization for the ASML Wafer Handler Router DSL
Szpigiel, S.,Model Driven Environment for System Level Timing Specification and Validation
Verstege, M.,A Framework for Flexible Vessel Segmentation and Interaction
Vural, M.F.,Power Line Communication in Lighting
Xavier Lobo, E.M., Error Injection ad Persistence in Wafer-flow Simulation
Zhao, Y.,Combining Sensing with Consumer Lighting: a Software Configurable System for Automated Lighting


Bui, T.V.,IP-to-Zigbee Bridge for Home Lighting Applications
Favier, R.J.J., and Ladan, R.C., Making robots navigate and interact with objects using open source software
Marcu, P.R., Mini Tumor Board plug-in for a breast cancer reviewing workstation
Nijnatten, F.S.B. van, Four-dimensional blood flow quantification and visualization
Paffen, T.F.P., Software Engineering Dashboard - Visualizing and connecting information Task allocation in a mixed hardware-software environment
Perovic, I., future-proof architecture
Rao, S.A.B., Automating functional tests on cut-sheet print engine
Remenska, D., A File-Staging Approach to Optimizing Large Scale HEP Data Analysis
Saleem, A., CARM Light: Software for the Motion Control System
Teeselink, E., DPATCH: A tool chain for modeling and analyzing printer data path architectures
Ungureanu, I.T., Augmented Reality to Train User Skills: Training Development and Evaluation Kit