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Student Clean Workshop

In the Student Clean workshop students can work in a clean environment on various non-dusty processes involved in manufacturing and production. After an instruction, you can work here and get hands-on experience with various manufacturing and production techniques. 

Available in the workshop is a precise but speedy laser engraver and cutter, that you can use to engrave or cut a large number non-metals, including plastics, glass, wood and textile. With CO2 and fiber lasers with a power of up to 120 watt, you can even apply metal engraving or cut through certain metals. You can learn how you can create designs, graphics, photo and text elements and quickly set up a workflow that allows you translate your design into a tangible product. 

Also at the clean workshop, you can make use of a shredder and filament maker, that can help you in the development, production and recycling of 3D printing materials. It can be used to test or develop efficient extrusion processes. 

Also available here are some basic facilities for storage of chemicals and electrical battery storage. We also have a small workplace for working with chemicals, including a fumehood. 

We have several measurement tools: e.g. for weight (0,001g precision), temperature (heat image camera), length (laser for measuring distances), and humidity (hygrometer). Also present here is an hydraulic press, that can be used to press out materials. 

Available equipment: 

  • Fireproof battery storage closet 

  • Oven (up till 200 degrees Celsius) 

  • Incubator (up till 150 degrees Celsius) (droogstoof) 

  • High temperature oven (up till 1150 degrees Celsius) 

  • 3D handheld-scanners 

  • Hydraulic press 

  • Vacuum former 

  • Styrofoam cutter 

  • PMMA bending machine 

  • Measurement tools: weight (high precision), tempature and heat camera, distances/length and humidity 

  • Lasercutter 1000 mm x 600 mm (Trotec speedy 400 ) 

  • Shredder and filament maker (3DEVO) 

  • Chemical storage and workplace 

Contact person: Edwin van den Einden (or Huub van der Palen).