Internationally renowned research and education

A university can only take on the challenge of educating the next generation of excellent engineers if it has excellent research and education capacity. TU/e excels at both, with numerous successful international research collaborations and educational innovation that puts you at the helm of your own career. 

Many international rankings independently verify this. TU/e is the #1 university in Europe for the number of published papers co-authored with industry and scores high marks in the Times Higher Education Ranking, QS ranking, ARWU/Shanghai ranking and CWTS ranking. 

Leading in research and innovation

TU/e is leading in the international research arena in the field of engineering science and technology. Our close collaboration with industry and healthcare institutes allows us to translate our research findings into products and services that help solve major societal problems, for instance in the areas of health, energy and mobility. 

Our #1 position for scientific output in collaboration with industry underscores the unique, close research & development relationship between TU/e and the high-tech companies in the surrounding Brainport area and the rest of the Netherlands.  

We are home to many renowned research institutes, such as the Dutch Polymer Institute, the Embedded Systems Institute and the Centre for Translational Molecular Medicine, which benefit from our state-of-the-art research labs and facilities that include a large, ultramodern cleanroom.  

Engineers for the Future

To become an engineer who is ready to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow, you need to be challenged in a motivating and supportive atmosphere. Companies, governments and start-ups are looking for confident graduates who have a solid scientific basis and depth and an entrepreneurial spirit.  

At TU/e, we believe that the best person to make decisions about your future career is you. That is why we give our students an unprecedented level of freedom to put together their own course program, in both our Bachelor College and Graduate School. With continuous support from your personal coach, of course.  

A dream career starts with following your dreams. At TU/e, you can. 

  • The benefits of a small scale

    As a small university, TU/e offers you an open, informal culture where our students and our scientific staff work closely together on a first-name basis. It is easy to seek out your teachers and fellow students, and our international and multicultural community is equally welcoming to students from abroad.

  • International and multicultural

    We know that diversity is a strength. That is why we create a diverse, multicultural community on campus, with a growing number of international students and staff from countries around the world.

    Conversely, we also encourage our students to do coursework or an internship abroad. Nothing broadens your perspective as much as stepping out of a comfortable environment. Our many collaborations with other universities in China, India, the US, Australia and European countries are a great starting point for students looking to spread their wings.

  • Personal coaching and mentoring

    As a student you get to put together your own course program, based on your interests, skills and ambitions as an engineer. This is wonderful opportunity but also a big responsibility. That is why you do not have to do it alone. You will meet a variety of coaches, advisors and mentors throughout your time at TU/e, helping you along at crucial moments.

Unique educational approach

In our Bachelor College and Graduate School, students get more freedom to chart their own course than anywhere else. The best way to hone your creativity and to prepare for a career with societal impact is to seek out those subjects that ignite your interest. Of course, a solid scientific basis is not the only thing you can expect from a university education. Today’s high-performing workplaces demand excellent professional skills as well. 

You will work on this in a variety of ways: inspiring lectures, small-scale tutorials, supervised self-study and Design-based Learning. Wherever we can, we stay close to industry – discussing real-world developments in class, working on team projects provided by industry partners and encouraging students to do their internships and graduation projects with leading high-tech companies. 

Hands-on education and Design-based Learning 

At TU/e, the way to build the level of skill and knowledge needed for a successful career is through hands-on education. Through project work, you will learn how to present yourself, to organize your work and think outside the box, to show leadership and discipline, and to have an entrepreneurial attitude towards work and life.  

In Design-based Learning projects, student teams dive into interdisciplinary challenges with real societal impact.

Innovation Space 

  • More information about Innovation Space

The TU/e Innovation Space is where many of these projects take shape. Here, student teams can build prototypes, discuss with industry or academic stakeholders and gain practical experience that develops their professional skills. The result: innovative solutions for real-world challenges. What better way to develop yourself as an Engineer for the Future than to tackle real issues today?

The TU/e Innovation Space is part of a community and facility that supports multidisciplinary thinking, engineering design and entrepreneurship.

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