Our university

We educate students and advance knowledge in science & technology for the benefit of humanity. We integrate education and research to enable our students and scientists to become thought leaders and to design and achieve the unimaginable. In close collaboration with our public and private partners, we translate our basic research into meaningful solutions.

Spirit of collaboration

Eindhoven University of Technology is a young university, founded in 1956 by industry, local government and academia. Today, their spirit of collaboration is still at the heart of the university community. We foster an open culture where everyone feels free to exchange ideas and take initiatives.

Personal attention and room for talent

Eindhoven University of Technology offers academic education that is driven by fundamental and applied research. Our educational philosophy is based on personal attention and room for individual ambitions and talents. Our research meets the highest international standards of quality. We push the limits of science, which puts us at the forefront of rapidly emerging areas of research.

Scientific curiosity with a hands-on mentality

Eindhoven University of Technology combines scientific curiosity with a hands-on mentality. Fundamental knowledge enables us to design solutions for the highly complex problems of today and tomorrow. We understand things by making them and we make things by understanding them.

Tu/e and Brainport: a thriving ecosystem

Our campus is in the centre of one of the most powerful technology hubs in the world: Brainport Eindhoven. Globally, we stand out when it comes to collaborating with advanced industries. Together with other institutions, we form a thriving ecosystem with one common aim – to improve quality of life through sustainable innovations. 

Why TU/e?

We are innovative, we are open minded, we are at the heart of society. We are Eindhoven University of Technology.

Governance and strategies

The Executive Board is responsible for all administrative matters and the management of the university and constitutes of

We have the ambition to be among the leading universities in science and technology. With an open eye for developments in the world around us, we aim to be an internationally defining academic institution that pushes the frontiers of science and technology and educates engineers of the future who combine in-depth knowledge about technology with the skills to address challenges out in the world. 

TU/e places great importance on a number of core values. The scientific independence and integrity of scientific staff are key priorities. TU/e also highly values transparency and integrity in business relationships. As an organization, we regard it as important for staff and students to act with integrity in the areas of research, knowledge transfer and education. This is not self‑evident, and must be promoted actively. That is why at TU/e we commit ourselves to codes of conduct and regulations that provide guidance for working and studying at our university.

Our departments

Eindhoven School of Education

Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE) is the expertise center in the field of professional development of (future) teachers in the science...

Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Discover the research and education of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology. Meet our...

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is geared to the design, analysis, improvement and manufacture of new products and processes along with the...

Department of Electrical Engineering

The department of Electrical Engineering has a research and design focus, and offers an excellent academic environment for educating young...

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The department of Mathematics and Computer Science specializes in engineering sciences and technology, and has good contacts with industry.

Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences embraces all the activities needed to get the maximum return on technological developments.

Department of Applied Physics

The Department of Applied Physics concentrates on analyzing and explaining natural phenomena as well as developing new technology.

Department of the Built Environment

Living, working and recreation: the department of the Built Environment contributes via its education and research to improving the built...

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering: where engineers improve healthcare. This department offers education and research in biomedical...

Department of Industrial Design

At the department of Industrial Design we design products and services that enable us to make optimal use of our environment and interact...

Our recent prizes and grants

Vidi grant

Pieter Harpe

for analog circuits to the limit (€ 800.000)

Vidi grant

Sandra Hofman

For a miniature bone model (€ 800.000)

Vidi grant

Oliver Tse

Making evolutionary structures under one umbrella (€ 800.000)

Nagoya Gold Medal

Bert Meijer

Japanese award for principles of supramolecular chemistry


Liesbeth Janssen

to develop a general theory of glass (€600,000)

NWO Perspectief

Henk Corporaal

to make self-learning automatic systems more efficient and transparent through 'deep learning' (€7 million)

ERC Starting Grant

Richard Lopata

to work on ultrasound scanners for improved diagnosis of cardiovascular symptoms (€2 million)

ERC Starting Grant

Alex Alvarado

to increase the current maximum data capacity of optical fiber, that will soon become insufficient (€1,5 million)


Kitty Nijmeijer

for the removal of medicinal residues from water (€600,000)


Alberto Curto

for ultra-small optical and electronic circuits of just 1 nanometer thick (€600,000)

Veni grant

Mark Vis

to develop new materials like fat-free mayonaise or new types of paint (€250,000)

Veni grant

Ivo Filot

for research on catalysis at mesoscale (€250,000)

Veni grant

Ghislaine Vantomme

to work towards self-sufficient materials with surfaces that vibrate by light (€250.000)

Vici grant

Nikhil Bansal

to develop new algorithmic methods to make discrete decisions in a continuous way (€1,5 million)

Veni grant

Koen Hendriks

works on a new class of organic molecules that can form the basis of a flow battery (€250.000)

Student Sports Center

For 50 years TU/e- and Fontys students, employees and alumni have been enjoying the most complete sports program in Eindhoven. After work and study the SSC is the meeting point for exercise, sports and socializing.

We offer 70 sports, fitness and (special) courses backed by our team of (professional sports) teachers. With our 40 student sports clubs you can show your sports skills, your talent for management and enjoy student life to the fullest. You can work out anytime you want in our extensive facilities. 

For just € 96,- a year, you can exercise seven days per week, during or after course hours at the SSC.