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The document Plan Quality Agreements 2019-2024 contains the agreements that Eindhoven University of Technology has made with students, lecturers and other relevant stakeholders to permanently improve the quality of education. These so-called 'quality agreements' are made at institutional level and serve as a basis for the distribution for the so-called 'studievoorschotmiddelen'. These funds have been released after the ending of the basic scholarship in 2015 and will, as agreed with students and lecturers, be spent on 'visible quality improvement' of education.

In this document, we discuss the broader context in which the quality agreements are placed, namely the Sector Agreement on Academic Education 2018 between the Minister of Education, Culture and Science and Dutch universities, united in the VSNU. We then discuss the way in which quality agreements should be implemented locally, in accordance with the sector agreement. Section 4 discusses the conclusion of the Quality agreements at TU/e and, finally , section 5 presents the 'Plan for Quality Agreements at TU/e'.