Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Sometimes systems or certain applications contain data that others should not have access to, such as personal data, research data, test results or bank account numbers. For this data the use of only one password does not provide sufficient protection because hackers are constantly using new and smarter techniques to guess passwords

For example, they try an obvious password on as many accounts as possible instead of attacking one account with different passwords. That is why TU/e secures data with MFA: an additional security. MFA is more secure than using just a password because access to an account cannot be gained by just finding out the password. You need two things to get to your data. You log in with something you know (username and password) and something you have (e.g. a smartphone). Now if a hacker unexpectedly guesses your password, it becomes much harder to abuse it because he does not have your second factor. Via MFA we reduce chances of identity fraud or hacks. 

How does MFA work?
With MFA, we add a factor next to your password: something you have. Think for example of your phone on which a one-time code is shown. After entering the code, you log in. This is also called a token. This step comes after you have typed your password. So, it is a double check. Banks have been using two-factor authentication for much longer (think of tan codes or an identifier). Other examples are the use of trading platforms (in eg shares or crypto currencies) and your DigiID.

New employee?
Before your first day of work you will to install an authentication app, such as the Microsoft Authenticator app or other authentication app / OATH software token, such as Google Authenticator or Twillio Authy app), on your Smartphone. This is necessary to be able to fully use your TU/e account. When you first log in to the TU/e environment, you will be guided through the process of setting up MFA. Read the manual or watch the animation to install and activate the Microsoft Authenticator App on your mobile phone.

If you have questions about installing the Microsoft Authenticator app or the operation of MFA, please contact the IMS Service Desk via telephone number + 3140 247 2000.