HPC lunch @Hubble and presentation Corona room

Friday July 8, 2022 from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Corona Zaal + Hubble
Luna, Corona room

Session for researchers interested to use HPC (High Performance Computing)

Includes a free lunch in Hubble as of 11:30, the session in the Corona room starts at 12:00.

Word of Welcome (12:00)

12:05-12:10  Foreword

Patrick Anderson, Scientific Director TU/e HPC Lab

12:10-12:25  Vision and Services of the HPC Lab

Richard Zoontjens, Lead TU/e HPC lab


12:25-12:40 HPC Solutions Landscape

Gersón Fernandes, Simulation Application Specialist TU/e HPC Lab

12:40-12:55 Computer Simulations for the Solar Team Eindhoven

Kevin van den Boom, Solar team Eindhoven.


12:55-13:00 short break


13:00-13:25 Quantum computing and HPC

Servaas Kokkelmans, EHCI, QT/e


13:25-13:45 Using a Supercomputer to optimize the energy transition for every home

Lisanne Havinga, TU/e Built environment, EIRES

13:45-15:00 Cardiovascular Biomechanics and HPC 

Mohammad Rezaeimoghaddam and Sjeng Quicken, TU/e Biomedical Engineering Department

13:55-14:00 short break


14:00-14:15 Automated Machine Learning requires HPC

Roshan Kotian, AI Application Specialist TU/e HPC Lab

14:15-14:25 HPC in Research and Education 

Daan de Geus, TU/e Electrical Engineering Department


14:25-14:40 University Racing and HPC

Jilez Aelbers, University Racing Eindhoven (URE)

14:40-14:50 Growth of HPC demand and approved grants

Han Verbiesen, Service manager TU/e HPC Lab

14:50-15:00 Questions and word of Thanks

15:00 Drinks and snacks


Processing and Performance

The Processing and Performance of Materials group of Eindhoven University of Technology provides education on and conducts research in the broad area of material technology, i.e. the industrial arts of manufacturing of polymer-based products.