The energy transition in a national context: the need to change direction


Thursday March 11, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Online | Livestream

The energy transition in a national context: the need to change direction

In two presentations by Floris Alkemade and Geert Verbong, the challenges of the energy transition will be discussed from a different point of view. Aspects, such as the impact that large scale deployment of renewable energy will have on our landscape and the societal protest this generates, ask for a systematic and coherent approach in which technological developments, societal innovations, regulatory measures and national direction on the choices to be made are taken into account.

Thursday 11 March 2021

15h00-16h30 CET

Online livestream

Floris Alkemade | Chief Government Architect
Geert Verbong | TU/e - School of Innovation Studies

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Floris Alkemade | Chief Government Architect

  • Topic: The future of the Netherlands, the art of changing direction

Last year, Floris Alkemade published his essay The Future of the Netherlands, in which he describes the enormous challenges of our time. The current crisis makes "the art of changing direction" even more necessary. During this lecture, Floris Alkemade will discuss these issues, and the energy transition in particular. He argues that our contemporary prosperity has taken such an unimaginable flight that every change is first of all experienced as a threat. Especially now the ability to change direction must be addressed.

Floris Alkemade is an architect and urban designer. After graduating with Rem Koolhaas at TU Delft, he was associated with the OMA office for 18 years, the last 7 years as a partner. Since 1 September 2015, Floris Alkemade has been Chief Government Architect, which he combines with his work for his FAA and BAU offices - operating from the Netherlands and France - and his teaching position at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. In 2018 he was curator of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam in 2018.

Geert Verbong | TU/e - School of Innovation Studies

  • Topic: Social Innovation in the energy transition in the province of North Brabant

Geert Verbong will first briefly sketch the challenge for the energy transition in the province of North Brabant. He will focus on two main issues: (1) the lack of grid capacity in the coming years to deal with the rapidly increasing number of solar PV projects and, as a consequence, the need for smart solutions; (2) the need for a fair and inclusive energy transition by involving our citizens. Social innovation is critical for the success of the energy transition. Summarized: we need not only smart but also socially connected solutions. Geert Verbong is an emeritus professor in transition studies at the School of Innovation Studies of Eindhoven University of Technology. He has an MSc in Applied Physics and a PhD in the History of technology. His current research focuses on social innovation and sustainability transitions, and in particular on the role of users, business models and regulation in the development of energy systems and RES. Publications Geert Verbong.


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