with Benedicte Cuenot (CERFACS + TU/e)

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Friday January 20, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Friday 20 January 2023

12h00-13h00 CET (online)

Interactions of burning particles with a turbulent flow: problems and methodology

Benedicte Cuenot​​​​​ | CERFACS and TU/e - Thermo-Fluids Engineering (TFE) 

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EIRES | Focus Area - Engineering for Sustainable Energy Systems

Led by Principal Scientists
Niels Deen - John van der Schaaf

The interaction of a cloud of particles with a turbulent flow is a complex subject which depends on many parameters of the particles such as their density, their statistical distribution of size, their inertia, or their shape. These parameters impact the particle trajectories which, combined with the higher or lower number density in the cloud, lead to different regimes of interaction with the flow and different structures of the concentration field of the particles. When these particles undergo exothermic chemical reactions, as in the case of burning iron particles, the interaction with the flow is further influenced by the temperature of the particles and of the carrier phase.
In this lecture, Benedicte Cuenot will outline the details of the physical mechanisms of burning particles in turbulent flow that result in the interactions mentioned above. She will then present the methodology for modelling and simulating these phenomena in the contexts of Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy Simulation. Current challenges and research topics will finally be addressed. 

About the speaker
Dr-HdR B. Cuenot obtained her engineering and master degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1990. After one year as research engineer in the University of Boulder (CO, USA), she came back to France where she defended her PhD in 1995 and HdR in 2000, both in the field of numerical combustion. She is now the leader of the Energy & Propulsion research group at CERFACS, developing advanced and massively parallel softwares for the numerical simulation (DNS and LES) of turbulent reacting flows, plasma flows and heat transfer (including thermal radiation) in academic and industrial systems. Since 2021, she is part-time professor at TU/e in the Power and Flow group. Dr. Cuenot has authored about 130 peer-reviewed journal papers on the topics of pollutant emissions, ignition and extinction, combustion efficiency, alternative fuels and heat transfer in combustion chambers. She has been distinguished as a Fellow of the Combustion Institute in 2018 and is a member of the Editorial Board of Combustion and Flame since 2018. She was co-Chair of the 39th International Symposium in Combustion, held in Vancouver in July 2022.

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